The Authors that Have Inspired Me: Part One

I don’t have a top ten, but I do have between ten to twenty number ones, favourite authors. Each of these books and writers inspired me to love the written word. When I was young, I used to argue with my teachers about reading the ‘stupid’ learning to read books. I saw it a waste of my time as most lunches and recesses I went to the library to read books about dinosaurs and mythology.

It wasn’t till I moved to Tasmania when I picked up my first was a book called Lord Foul’s Bane by Stephen Donaldson, I read this book when I was ten. Not a book I would suggest for someone that young but it was a book that opened my eyes to a different world. Before this, I made up stories of exotic lands and ideas, and have been doing this for years but to see that there were other people like me with the imagination and creativity to make a fully fleshed out world I was humbled. In a later blog, I will review this book.

After reading two trilogies of the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant. I felt a bit weird, as an eleven-year-old coping with finding brilliance in literature, in particular, fantasy was hard as I was not exposed to too many different authors in Primary School. It wasn’t till I was 12 years old I discovered Dragonlance Chronicles, the first book was Dragons of Autumn Twilight by Margaret Weis and Tracey Hickman. This lead me to becoming a role-player as well as me exploring this series of books. At the same time, there was another author which I found in my limited High School library was Homeland, by R.A. Salvator, a book set in another campaign setting called Forgotten Realms. I read these type of books throughout my High school years, these three authors created a vast number of books, and I love everyone. The Dragonlance Chronicles inspired my first attempted in writing a book, with a co-writer, my sister Sara. It was a carbon copy of this world with some interesting new ideas. One was the primary type of monster called a Piggy, an unfortunate nickname of a friend of mine during these years.

During this time, I became part of a gaming role-playing group too with my friends at high school. This drove me to only read the dungeon and dragons fantasy based books. I was very closed off to picking up a new author unless it was one of these above archetypes. On a Christmas when I was 16, my parents decided to buy some new author, one I never heard of. How dare they! I am to this day glad that they did this, as it was my first Australian fantasy author by the name of Sara Douglass. Her book was Battleaxe, at first, I look at like it was some sort of diseased rabid pile of rubbish. My mum gives me a look, you know that look, and I said ‘okay, I read it’ and mutter why couldn’t it be a good novel! How wrong I was, this book was fan-bloody-tastic. I devoured it! By 27th, I had already moved onto the second book, Enchanter. Sara opened my eyes that there was more than just d&d novels.

This is end of part one, next is what affected me during in my twenties


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