Ode to Rant: A History of Rants.

Looking back over the years I had written a few rants about ranting I do have some others, but they are more severe, well not as fun. Each of these rants did help me to find my way through some difficult times. The last one on this blog, I think was my first indication I was meant for better things, but it still took another three years for me to realise the path. Ode to rant!


17th of January 2012

What does Sam Like, Sam Like ranting! The rant, a favourite thing of the average person on Facebook. Ode to the rant, such sweet rambling. Only if I could go on such random rant about rants. How can I describe such a nice lovely fixture of words?
But like all rants, this one must end as the ranter is at a loss for words. May all your rants be random and enlightening, be at peace and laugh once in a while, and think of others.

But not too much

15th of July 2012

It’s been a while since I have ranted for the sake of ranting! How can I put this new but continue rant into words? Shall I be formal? Ode to rant, how sweet methinks twas to be frank and straight wilt thee. Could only word perchance be the gift of thine has on this ball of earth? Maybe mine shrift that I am judicious, but shall I then come roundly to thee have acquaintance with my desires as this is mine rant. But enough of this ungodly language let’s be simple and direct.


9th of December 2012

Good morning to all my friends out there, again I have come to a new rant. Thrice before I have ranted about ranting, I have enjoyed these rants but now wish to make one that has been inspired by a book.

The two books I have just read of recent, are The Name of the Wind and Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss. I will not go too much into the storyline as it would ruin the book for anyone to read. The main character is a man named Kvothe (pronounced as Quothe). I will not describe him; I will not talk about his history or his happenstance in the book. Most of this are how he has affected my thinking, this, of course, is due to the excellent writing style of Mr Rothfuss.

Some of you might know of me as a cook/chef at Montezuma or some as a student at QUT. Some knew at school, some thru even Facebook. Family and friends, some very dear to my heart, even if we have little or no contact. Knowledge and understanding are my bread and butter, my need to understand all walks of life. Sometimes this is just in passing, others I throw my life and soul into¬†existence! Gaming, cooking, and math are three of examples. Two of them are significant failures; one is an over-indulgence. But again I digress. My curiosity has gotten me in trouble many of times. My of the need to know, this is what truly drive my soul! Knowledge, no woman (or man) touch could overcome this. Even words can not encompass my real feelings. People say that I am smart, intelligent and some think of me as slow, stupid, even mentally retarded. Very few have seen every facade of my personality. Most will as always under or overestimate my abilities. The more I write on this, even I do not quite understand myself. Kvothe and the author are my new inspiration; I need to return to the path which I have zig-zag for most of my life. I need to finish what I have started! I wouldn’t like to push as this would irritate me and cause grief for both parties. Most people who might pick up this book series, will not come to the epiphany I have, some will not quite understand the character ( this is apparent with some reviews). I am 33 years old; life is supposed to begin at 30. I guess I didn’t get the email. My life has remained trapped in amber.

Again lets my life’s journey begin



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