Authors that have Inspired Me: Part Two

When I first started this blog I thought I would finish it in part one. How wrong was I. This takes off after that Christmas. My next author that grace my life was David Eddings, I started with his first book. Finding in the public library, and the name of it was Pawn of Prophecy. If it weren’t for Sara, I wouldn’t give David a second look. Later he was joined by his wife Leigh. The lands, people, and history were so precious it made me understand the how a world could be created and I thank him and his wife for that experience. Sadly, David and Leigh have passed from this world and I hope they are reincarnated in their own imaginations as that would truly be heaven.

Around this same time I found two authors Raymond E. Feist and Robin Hobbs, their first books respectively are Magician and Assassin’s Apprentice. With Mr Feist, he is one of my ‘must buy’ authors if I see one of his books I always ask myself is food really necessary. Nearly every time is a no. While Ms Hobbs, is a fantastic read and I love the character Fitz as he is that secret hero, the true underdog which everyone can root for. Due to Eddings and Douglass I found other authors like Feist and Hobbs, again I am glad I was ‘forced’ to read my present.

Now during my twenties, I pick up many authors but only a few ended up on my number one list. First off was Kate Jacoby, Exile’s Return. This is a weird choice for me as when I first read it; I couldn’t immerse myself in her writing style. So there it was sitting in a box for years, eventually, I looked at it picked it up one day, and though why the heck not. And the rest, as they say, is history.  Another particular one, Baker’s Boy by J.V. Jones. I love this series, again an underdog story with a secret hero. This theme is a type of fantasy as I think as the reader you can relate to an underdog story line more than an immortal god-type main character. These characters do have a soft spot in my heart, like Superman but there is always something about the overlooked that appeals to me.

The last two I would like to talk about in this part is Terry Goodkind and Terry Brooks. Terry Goodkind wrote the Sword of Truth series and his first book was Wizard’s First Rule. These series of books strangely became better than the previous book. Each one delved into another fantastic land where there were strong male and female characters, and everything was quite balanced. Terry Brooks Demon series was the first book I read which was set on Earth instead of a different world and another thing it was set over only three days. My own book is using this type of storytelling, it was unusual but great. I love both of these authors and how they showed me again different ways of writing.

So that is it for this part. Hopefully, I finish this series of blogs in part three. See you next time.


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