Authors that have Inspired me: Part Three

In my previous blog, I forgot one particular author that I didn’t mention in my twenties. This author who is one of my fifteenish number ones is J.K. Rowling’s, just like Battleaxe by Sara Douglass this one was sprung on me during Christmas. A friend of the family thought it would be a great read, I been resisting reading this series as I don’t like to get into what is a fad. Again this brought me into a world of such imagination. Not only was it set in this world, but it was the world within a world. Coming up with such an idea was a masterpiece. After I had read this, I could understand why all those children picked up Harry Potter and fell in love with it. After that I became a massive fan of the books, standing in line from 7 o’clock in the morning to receive the fifth book and I did that for every future book release. Many times have I heard people insult and outright hate these novels. Every single time I hear someone say something bad, I had to retaliate with this speech “Do you know one thing that Harry Potter has brought to the world?” they always reply “What is that?”. This always gets those haters “It doesn’t matter if you love it or hate it. Harry Potter has done one thing, it has brought whole generations of children back to the written word!” How can you argue with that logic?

My thirties have been fantastic with my reading, more often than not I have been pushed into reading books by friends. The first book was The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss, my current flatmate keep on asking when was I going to read this. I keep shrugging it off, I wasn’t interested in some random book! After years of him basically begging me, I thought fine not reading anything right now, why not? Why did I take so long to read this book, I didn’t put it down for more than a minute, and every time I had the book in my hand, there was he, my friend giving me such a look of self-satisfaction. This had everything that should be in a book, a fantastic hero who is telling his story way after the fact, great villains still don’t know who they really are, supporting characters so well thought out. I could go on and on and on about this book, it gave me so much insight into writing and how to write a fantastic, well thought out book.

This wasn’t his last big novel that he strongly demanded, I mean to suggest for me to read. This next book has become an obsession of all my friends now. It is the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher. Here is another magic filled Earth, another reality coinciding with the normal ‘muggle’ world. And here is Harry Dresden, just coming out and say ‘Hi, I’m a wizard’ with a little boomstick wave. The lore in this book series, oh my golly gosh! So many different lores, legends and myths Jim draw upon to create this rich world. I have read these books time and time again, they are one of the first things I pick up, and I brought all of them again on my Kindle so I could always have them on me. We have discussed how to translate this into a game, other story lines have been kicked around for my friends and me. If you haven’t read this book, you should! A mixture of crime, urban fantasy, mythology, magic, drama, coming of age, and it is just a fantastic read.

It seems that there will be a part four of my top ones, who would think that this whole blog would be dedicated to only three authors. There is not much else I can say about Jim, JK and Patrick, each one of these novels was ‘forced’ on to me and I will always be grateful to my friends who did this to me. If a friend suggests a book, maybe it’s time to pick it up as you might be surprised.


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