Review of Angela Pennisi’s Seminar: Copy Writing 101.

Here is another step toward being an author, this targets two crucial things all writers care about marketing and finances. Copywriting can help any writer achieve this. Angela comes from a psychosocial background as well as a fictional author. All her knowledge was from experience, research and also trial and error. This life experience helped to put the chance of becoming a copywriter an achievable feat.

It started off with Angela explaining what it means to be a copywriter and that is not someone who knows the copy-write law. From her lecture, she explained that being a copywriter was to help market and advertise businesses, through social mediums and their websites. The body of the work includes blogs, emails, websites or even old school sales letters and of course another important marketable subject; you. Everything you learn about this job including promoting yourself, this again is a most useful talent. Then she went on to explain how the job comes about.

First off is the Brief. There are a few keywords that the client wants to promote their business and a very general idea who, what, where, why, when and how this is known as the 5 W’s and how. These quantities help you understand what you need to promote your client. From Angela’s explanation, this can be frustrating as most customers have little or no knowledge about this. As a newer copywriter, you need to be aware of this and plan as such. After the Brief is the Draft stage which includes understanding that you will not have all the information. The use of grammatical programs helps in this juncture. The next is the Feedback. It can be troublesome with the newer customers; Angela suggests to ask them for their feedback written and try to keep it down to one as this will cut down on your workload. Using the feedback to understand where the article or blog needs to help flesh out what the client needs. With this brings about the polished final product. From her marvellous presentation, the process seems to pretty straight forward.

After this the seminar went on to asking the question ‘what makes a good copy?’, and what you need to accomplish this. The style was the first to be tackled. The need to understand what you’re writing is reflective such as language, formal and straight to informal blog. Does this show the voice of the client, and finally that you are consistent in this style. This is where I can see the apparent overlap of copy and writing, as understanding different means of communication of your written word and how to adapt to the individual voice of your characters. Then the other consideration you need to think about, such as the guidelines for Advertisement, using cliches, language and marketing considerations. Angela showed why each of these were important, as it made you aware of the thought process of being a good copywriter, and how to keep clients happy and returning business.

To finish off was an example of a recent customer, and how Angela went through it. It was surprising from the little information of the brief but she said this was a lot of information compared to past customers. Then the draft was created. She noted that she’d keep the idea on what the client wanted but once you have feedback it could all change. As the message the client wanted was not completely in line with what Angela first outlined, but this allowed her to modify the text to suit the customer and was approved.

In the end, this seminar was enlightening and will help anyone come to understand the ins and outs of the way of Copy.  An excellent introduction on how to become a copywriter, thank you, Angela, for running this workshop.


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