My Book: My World, how it came to be

Coming back to my pre-order stage I thought I would choose a blog that represents part of my journey. This one goes into how I created the world that Lake Merrin is set in. One of the first things I realised that it is a Gunpowder Fantasy or an Industrial Fantasy like  Temeraire by Naomi Novik or Promise of Blood by Brian McClellan.

Glimpsing into these author’s books will give me insight into mine.

I think it is about time to start talking about my book, but before I do, I need to take you on the journey of how I created the world of Amsul and mainly the country of Favinonia. As my background begins as a role-player and a gamer. Most of my stories are set in a fantasy setting; this allowed me to connect to creating this realm. Looking back understanding why I created this world is entirely different from how I feel about it now.

Back when Favinonia wasn’t even the name of the country, this story was about a group of Adventurers who had retired to become leaders of a distant land after years of wars, political intrigue and finally a military coup d’état. I thought I’d throw in a fight with a dragon as this was a role-playing game.


The concept was brought about due to my previous gaming group starting up a new game which I wasn’t invited to, and this is why I created this game/story because I felt slighted. Sad isn’t it? I started to work on the history of their adventuring lives, the treasures they found, injuries they suffered and even families they eventually had. I fully fleshed out the whole concept of the game, and with no players wanting to play the follow the outlined story; I gave up and shelved it.


Life goes on, and a few years later, I happened to another gaming group. They asked me if I like to run a game. While I thought on this, that old story popped back into my head. Then I stopped, thought and I wasn’t the same slighted person. Where it came from didn’t feel right, but I did like the structure of the thought process. I decided to start them off a different point of the story, this being told to their children by a close friend about how he met them. Then flashback… It was during wartime.

Looking closer at the world, with each completed game, how my players ran their characters and how this influenced me evolving the world to now. Because of the lower magic, it led me to think about a reverse dark age where religion and magic were suppressed, and science and technology were forefronts. How did it happen? As I thought more on this, I created an event called the ‘Massacre of Magic’ which lead to ‘Age of Disbelief ‘ to occur. So I have taken an alternative history of Earth, now what? How would technology evolve without spiritualism?

A book I read was about spiritual quotient, SQ, like IQ and EQ (emotional quotient) influence how our brains work. In this novel, it allowed the connection between IQ and EQ, and we use SQ to bridge the gaps. I don’t want to go into it entirely, but I saw a relation with is theory and my world, without that ‘faith’, ‘belief’ there is a chance to become stagnate, and people will just rehash the same idea over and over again. This can be seen in society today, which the more we move towards technology, we lack spiritualism we have. This blog isn’t about my thoughts on tour world; it is about my book.

A distinctive difference in my world than the other fantasy world I have read. The next thing was to think about the level of technology I had and why it caused the stagnation. I began to write up one thousand years of history, which I still haven’t entirely written down. During the year 500, the first prototype steam engine was created, by this time the printing press, hoisting gear, the horizontal water wheel, and the knitting machine were already invented.


During its test run, it exploded and caused the deaths of many of the most significant scientists and engineers of the time and the current King as well. The surviving engineers shelve the ideas, and new thoughts were scrutinised a lot more so it could take a lifetime for any design to be approved by your peers. As this impacted the growth in new ideas

So now I could see that my country of Favinonia was priming for an industrial revolution, but guns are uncommon, and steam engines were just dusted off to be reexamined. Something had to kick this next stage of technology, and this reveal will happen in my book series ‘Journal of Adventurer’. This world had such an unworthy beginning, it’s gained a life of its own and becomes the world that I have come to love and embrace.



One thought on “My Book: My World, how it came to be”

  1. It amazes me how fantasy writers are able to create such detailed worlds. I love it when it includes a certain amount of what I would call “steampunk” or early technology where you wouldn’t expect to find it. It makes for some interesting situations when those bent on controlling the citizens through fake magic, intimidation and suppressing any form of “evil modernism” come up against tanks, guns and hang gliders loaded with mini “bombs” 😀

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