My Book: What has been happening.

It has been a while since I have written a blog, and why not just do one.

Well to first start off, I am proceeding slowly with my book. There has been many ups and downs, but hopefully, it will be finished soon. Writing this book has given me much pleasure,  on the another hand, it has been my great white whale. Will I finish soon or will it be another three months? I can say I don’t know. Sometimes I wonder if I put too much expectation on myself or just a little naive to the fact of writing books. Fingers cross it is neither.


With volunteering for a non-profit writing organisation, being the solo carer for my sick mother and trying to have a life. Writing my book is my escape. Immersing myself in Favinonia and the town, Lake Merrin, is marvellous. The characters take a life of their own, and it feels like they just use my mind and body to tell their story. It feels like I little control over the events that unfold. The main characters interaction with each other and the world makes every spectrum of emotion be exposed and laid bare for all to see. This reaction is commonplace with me, just like some of my beta-readers! And  I am writing this book! I do love the fact this world and story are revealing itself before my very eyes.


Is it wrong to have favourites characters so early in my draft? One of mine is an oldy but a goody! I created him to be a minor character in one of the previous roleplaying stories. He was just a nobody, but my players grabbed hold and fleshed him out, and then his character snowballed into what he is today. He is my ‘M’aiq the Liar’! (who is a character seen in Elder Scrolls game) He feels like a legendary hero of old, and my players talk about him like they were the old men telling his stories at the local pub ‘Where you there when he did that thing?’. His is not my main protagonist but every scene he is in; it becomes hard to balance with the others as he can steal the show.

Each of my characters, the ‘heroes’ or the ‘villains’ feel like real lives and personalities. I don’t see either side as black and white; they live in that soft fuzzy grey area, where most people live their lives. My world is fantasy but I like to keep it grounded, and the character reflects this. Yes, I have dwarves, elves, gnomes, lizardfolk and ‘hobbits’, but there are not the Tolkien races or other fantasy worlds. Each has a different path in my world. The dwarves are the merchants and traders; they also act like mafioso families. The gnome is the tinkers, the inventors and engineers of Favinonia. My elves and lizardfolk (know just as the Folk) are escaped created slave of an unknown species. The elves are driven to propagate without love or connection, and this is only for two weeks of the year. This lead onto my last race the half races, half elf and half ‘other’, despised as they have caused great turmoil in Favinonia and are the largest growing population. And how can I forget the Hobbit or Halflings they are diplomats, the transporters, with a constant need to travel and meet new and exciting.

I could go on and on about my world and what consists in it, but I think this is the best spot to leave it. When I started to write today, I figured that it was going to have a rant about all the things that is going astray in my life, but I was wrong! This gift is what writing gives to me. Even when I feel the worst, it will pick me up, dust me off, then give my life; joy and happiness. For everyone I hope you have something like this and remember to embrace it, love it and find your ‘perfect’ self in your passion.


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