Thawing Winter’s Heart by Samuel Colbran

In the deepest depths of Winter,

where the heart lies.

Only with a promise of Spring,

does the frost recline.

Cold and dark.

Forever alone,

Crying out for the anticipation,

Of days to come.

As the sun becomes warmer,

Winter’s frost melts,

from its frigid state.

The passionate warmth,

heats the cockles,

of the slumbering heart.


Ready to live.

But as Spring,

moves through its want,

has risen to excess.

Summer’s heat,

boils away the freshness

of Spring.

At the height of Summer,

the reaping of,

Heart-life begins.

As Summer wanes,

the coolness of Autumn

browns the life from the leaves.

The heart feels,

a great weariness.

The hibernation,

of Winter,

Is upon us once more.

As passions modify,

laughter of the deepest part of

the heart’s life.

Comes to an end.

As the ice and cold,

chills and freeze,

the heart in place.

Only the promise of


will thaw it again.


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