My Book: Progress!

It is strange that last year I had just a blank document up and an idea. Today I am only three major scenes away from finishing my book. To date, I have written over 50,000 words, something I never thought I would be able to do. Every stumble, every roadblock, every naysayer I have just pushed through and continued. I love the world I have created with the help of my friends, the characters I envisioned to lead the reader into my world. Everything is fantastic about my book. Just recently I have had someone read a part of my book, and they just remarked on how they couldn’t put it down. The main thing I want out of this, not money or fame, just people reading and having a great journey into the unknown.


In the end, I am glad everything I accomplished and looking forward to my next four books ‘Bloody Coin’, ‘Savage Rebellion’, ‘Return to Greywalker Reach’ and finally ‘The Great War’  in the series ‘Journal of an Adventurer’. Just have to finish ‘Lake Merrin’ now, so close…


3 thoughts on “My Book: Progress!”

      1. Yes, I totally understand. It is so hard. I have this problem where, I get half way into a draft and doubt myself and start a new story! I’ve realised this and I’m getting better, half way through a draft now and I’m not starting new! Hehe ☺️

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