My Book: Update.

An amazing thing happened yesterday; I wrote 3000 words. It has been the first time in weeks that I have gotten in front of my computer and did something that was not a promotion or dealing with competitions or running of games. I just sat and started writing. This felt so good, as it just poured out of me.

I did overcome some issues in the major scene, first off was reliving some important events in the past of my main characters. As I don’t want to spoil my book, just know that it was heart-wrenching seeing what I have done to my characters. I even teared up after writing an individual description of WayWocket or diving into the back story of another. It gives a third dimension of each other these characters. Another that was happening off screen was my main female character.

Her name is Joan Stillwater; a stoic,  strong, lead from the front line kind of gal. She is 6’4” and very muscular. The epitome of an Amazonian, if anyone has seen Hunter x Hunter, this is Bisky and I think is the closest to my mind’s eye of Stillwater.


Now you would think, here is another male author just creating a male character but putting a female spin on it. One of my primary goals is to have fully fleshed out characters, male or female. I always question myself on the personality, background and personalities of each of my characters. Stillwater is another that I worry about nearly all the time.

Her name is a person whom I have great respect for. A hero beside her humble appearance did something that most people would shy away from. The real life Joan jumped into a fight with her husband, save someone from being beaten to death. She is writing a book on this, and she is my hero!

The makeup of her isthe makeup of her is apparent than just her public profile. Won’t be shown entirely until later books, but I had to put some of my ideas on the page of this book. I asked my mum, if you were a masculine outward appearing woman, how would you feel if you were not only seen as a man but were forced to go to a ball in a suit, not a dress. One because of your size and two the utter disregard of your feminine side. I can say that I found a solution and hope it comes across as respectful.

My other two major female characters is a ‘love interest’ of the Protagonist, and the other is the Antagonist. Zlata, the Antagonist and Joan are similar but whole heartily different, like Batman and the Joker, same coin but opposites. Pela has a strength that isn’t based on muscle or fighting ability but in her will. My main character wakes up in this scene, after a little banter this excerpt happens.

‘She blushes and turns to me “You don’t have to go….you could stay.”

Now I’m not a cynic but beautiful woman asking me to stay; yeah right.  My past always shows me I am not that lucky. “No, I think it would be better for me to go, and I don’t have too much money. Sorry, but thank you for everything. My pants?”

Another reaction I didn’t think I would see, was anger and embarrassment she walks up and slaps me growls at me “Get your pants if you are still here when I get back..” With that, a small knife appears in her hand “I take your balls, half-breed bastard!”. She turns and walks out slamming the door behind her.’

As you can see his love life will be exciting. Best thing to do is stop here if I continue I just spoil the book.


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