Becoming a Writer: My story journey through Trials, Trepidation and Exuberance.

Looking back to my earlier self, makes me in awe of what I have accomplished.

Samuel Colbran

In these past weeks, I have grown greatly as a writer. I have formally come out as a penman, one on a public page and another my website. There have been times in the past and sure there will be in the future I may fall, but as always I will pick myself up and dust off the negativity. Coming up soon will be my first lecture as a writer. It will be a co-lecture with my good friend Steven Bolin. Finding the time for my lecture, my blogs, my mother, my book and other things has been hard, but in the end, it has all been worth it.

This year did not start off as I wished it to be, my book had stalled and I started to lose my focus. Depression was overcoming my outlook on life, and I was faltering. I have suffered depression on and off…

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