Review of The Word by Ocean Reeve.

The Word is about how to become successful in the world of Self-publishing. I had the pleasure of meeting Ocean at an event about independent publishing and self-publishing, With this presentation and the book, it allows me to understand that next step of having my book published.

A little about Ocean, one thing about him is that he is passionate about the creative word. Fiction, non-fiction, scripts or even comics. He cares about making your dream a reality. He has been in the creative industry for nearly twenty years, and this is from television to a traditional publishing company to now an independent publishing company, Inhouse Publishing. He has helped publish three thousand books, and he frankly says he will put in as much as you put in. Having someone with that sort of passion makes me want to have him in my corner.

Now it is hard to differentiate between the presentation and the book, as they both give similar information, but I don’t think I would have been so interested in the book if it wasn’t for the presentation. This review is from the book, not the presentation.

The first thing to say is that this book has a thoroughly thought out explanation of the step by step of becoming a published author. Things I didn’t even know about, like having a bank account in your name or getting an ABN (Australian Business Number). These seem silly and obvious but having it means when it comes time to publish, you as the author can concentrate on the marketing and pre-sales. He moves on to your goals and why it is important to write them down, just before this review I did that. Looking at my goals, make me realise that my dream will come true. One thing to point out at the end of each chapter called ‘The Word’, Ocean puts a one or two sentence summary of that chapter. As this will help to look at it from time to time, and can refresh your memory of the chapter with those few sentences.

After goals, he moves to Writing, and goes through planning your book and also legal matters, as I know someone who is being threatened by legal action, having a pen name can be imperative as your story needs to be written. Moving away from writing the novel comes the dreaded publishing of it. Again, Ocean goes through each stage and gives a clear and precise description of what is needed to complete your book. From manuscript, appraisals to cover design and even how formatting the book can show you professional quality in your work.

The last two major sections have to deal with the printing of the book and all its mediums and the all-important thing; Marketing! One thing he suggests is that using an e-book for promoting work, and having a POD (print on demand) to reach a wider audience. Now we come to marketing; even I have experienced this from talking to writers and authors is their lack of knowledge in the field of promotion themselves and the book. Ocean thoroughly understands this! He goes through this at length so you as the future or even established author understands the need to put yourself out there. Use of social media, videos, talking to non-bookstore shops and finally the pre-sale. Each one of these will help that first baby step to fulfilling your dreams in having your book published.
In conclusion, I found his book to be a great insight into the truth of having your book published. If you like to hear his presentation, you can hear it in a podcast in the below link and to buy his book at his on Amazon. Again I would like to thank Ocean for holding the presentation for our group; it was an eye-opening experience.


The presentation: Rabbit Radio

Where to buy: The Word


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