Why Do I Write?

I have been thinking about this for a while, why I write. For such a simple question has huge ramifications to becoming aware of why I am a writer.

Going back to when I was quite young, six years old, I used to tell stories about fantastical places and things. Why did I tell these stories? I was trying to live past some hurtful things of my past. As a teenager I wrote and told stories, these came out as role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons (D&D).

It helped me through the bullying and abuse I was receiving at school and home. The pain was a catalyst of my stories, pain and hurt and then it reflected my being the big hero that stood up to the evil and save the damsel/innocents.

That reflects my personality, being the knight in shining armour, not to stop people hurting me but for me to save others from suffering.

Most of my storylines came from my pastime of role-playing, so I stayed in the fantasy-type world, creating characters with a detailed background, so I act them out better. It helps me escape from my dull and stressful workplace; this was a place that uses my muscles but not my brain. Playing in the games kept up like this for a while, until I was thrown out of my gaming group,

This allowed me to create the country and world of my first novel, Favinonia of Amsul.

Favinonia’s creation came from rejection, and it wasn’t until a few years later that I found a new group of friends who asked for me to run a game in D&D. I thought heck why not use this.Then my writing changed, it wasn’t just for my escapism but for the entertainment of others, which started to drove me to think up new storylines and scenarios for my group’s characters.

I think the running theme behind my efforts at writing is escapism but isn’t that why most people dream about better things. Some think about cars or houses; some reflect on their sports teams winning the final, some think about winning the lotto, and so on. I don’t consider having things, or money neither drives my soul. I use my writing to escape too, but I like to go back to my scrappy young self and say, ¬†this is my path to becoming an author, so others can read and have enjoyed my writing.¬†


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