So, we artists are no longer ‘legitimate’.

I’m currently writing my first novel; I am mere days of finishing my story. But does that excuse the government to ignore my contribution to society just because it is a ‘hobby’? Over the last year I have helped encourage writers through two organisations, Writers Activation and Gold Coast Novels Writers, and still, I see legislation that will soon kill the literacy world.

I tell people the same thing a sagacious writer said, ‘Do you write?’ I replied ‘Yes.’. She went on and said ‘Then you are a writer!’ It is as simple as that!

Follow your dream, reach for the skies, thumb your nose at the government. Without us, Australia would be boring!

AbStar921 - Musical Critic

I haven’t been this furious in a long time, and I’m loathe to use my blog to comment on politics. But not today. With the recent announcement that our fearless leader plans to scrap student loans to creative courses, this might be the angriest blog I will ever write and I am not even sorry.

By all means, if you don’t know about this outrage, click here and feel your blood pressure skyrocket. Go ahead. I’ll wait.


Now where the hell do I begin?

The Minister for Education and Training says that this is a “lifestyle choice”. Well guess what buddy? ALL CAREERS ARE A LIFESTYLE CHOICE, INCLUDING POLITICS. That’s right kids, follow your dreams, pursue your gifts and talents, but don’t even think about the creative side of life, that’s just a hobby.

The Minister goes on to say that “VET Student Loans will only support legitimate…

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2 thoughts on “So, we artists are no longer ‘legitimate’.”

  1. I came across your powerful comment about this topic on another blog, and as a fellow writer who lives not too far from you in Queensland, I thought I’d drop in and join your page. Happy to support you in your continued endeavours.

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