My Book: Finished!

As you can tell by the title, I have finished my book. Is it complete; no but it is finished. Looking back over the last year and even the last ten, it surprises me on the emotions I felt to accomplish finishing my book.

First book.jpg

To tell the truth, I have never in my life finished any project; except books and games but do they count. Never finished year 12, tried three times, even was begged by a teacher to stay, the second time around because I had a fantastic mathematical brain. Yes, I am good at maths, and I did go to university to study mathematics. Again, I didn’t complete it. I tried my hand at another career after high school, as academia doesn’t seem to be my path. Starting training as a chef, when through an intensive six-month course (which I didn’t complete) and began working as an apprentice chef. Then was fired three times in a row; so I quit. I did finally find a job in hospitality, and I work in it for seventeen years, but I was no chef; just a trumped up the cook.

If you have been following my blog, I usually start off with something negative and spin it to positive. Not one of those blogs, as I don’t see completing these things as a fail, I lived; I lost; I laughed; I cried; I never want to take any of these experiences away.

Over a year ago, I quit my current job (as the boss was a dick) and I didn’t know what to do. I was a full-time carer for my mother, and I knew that it would get more intensive as time goes on. But what would I do? I have told this story a few time, but I like to tell you what I overcome to complete this mammoth task.

Kicked out, where I was living. My girlfriend broke up with me. I suffered deep depression. My mother as admitted to hospital. I had a best seller author tell me that my idea for a book was unpublishable. More depression. Close family member was telling me to give up as I was shit! Financial problems. More financial problems. Girlfriend broke up with me again ( the same one, I got back with her). Health issues. My friend’s depression and trying to help him. And finally my sister dying. Each one of these could have been an ‘it’s all over, Jane’ moment but it wasn’t as I completed my book!

How did I do it? Well a solid foundation of people that believed in me. My mother, Karen; my sister, my cherished friends, Writers Activation and Gold Coast Novel Writers and everyone I meet there. And finally my publisher, Ocean Reeve at Inhouse Publishing.

Each time I had a down, I had people there to help me again. In the end, it was me who did it. I completed my book, all the support in the world will not realise your dreams; you have to grab them and finish what you started. Believe in yourself, and as you can accomplish anything.

Writers Activation:

Gold Coast Novel:

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