The Authors that have Inspired me: Part Four.

It has been a while since I have written about my top 15ish number one authors, and with my finding of a publisher for my first book ‘Lake Merrin’ I thought it was time to finish this blog.

Last time I was here I went over my twenties and early thirties, I’m not a hundred percent sure when some of these authors came about, but they change my scope a bit over the years. The first one was Brent Weeks author of the Night Angel trilogy, now they say you can’t tell a book by its cover. The cover was excellent and the! Cannot recommend this to the faint of heart as there are some disturbing scenes in this book but wow it was great! It has some similarities with my own book, but I don’t know if I would go that far as Brett. The world was rich and full, the characters were complex and relatable, most of all human with all the pros and cons being such. Allowing this level of realism within a rich fantasy world, made me realise another way writing up characters. I do love these books.

The next two authors, work as writers for a particular tabletop gaming company; Games Workshop. There are William King and Dan Abnett. Each has a huge following and series. I couldn’t for the life of me tell you the combined worlds that these two have helped to improve on. King, wrote about a duo, human and dwarf, about finding the dwarf’s death; Gotrek and Felix. These books are set in Warhammer fantasy, which seeped in lore and history and, these two are famous anti-heroes of this world. I love these book, I have everyone except for the last one. Such great popcorn books, which again is what I want my books to be, just some fun reading.

Now Abnett, as he was mainly in the other reality Warhammer 40k, this was set in the distance future where humanity has taken to the stars and found war! Endless war! His main series is about a regiment from the war engine of the Imperium of Man, Gaunt’s Ghosts. The 40k universe sometimes is referred as the Daniverse because of his influence on the overall scope of the story lines of 40k.

I love to read his books on the Ghosts as he shows what it would be like to be a constant state of war. How this will effect, relationships, personalities, moral codes and the weariness of war on the psyche of the main characters. He doesn’t hold back on killing off favourite characters; as I have lost too many to count. This shows a dedicated author to the plot, and I hope I’m not scared off to do something like this in my books.

Giving a shout out to my honourable mentions, this isn’t one or two authors but a device that allowed me to experience whole new worlds. That device is Kindle. I was given a Kindle, and I thought ‘I’m not going to read on this!’ I was wrong. With books ranging from two to eight dollars, it was a why the heck not moment. Having so many books at a touch of a button is marvellous.

A few authors from this fantastic device, Matt Archer by Kendra C, Highley, Blackjack by Ben Bequer, The Hellequin Chronicles by Steve McHugh, Mageborn by Michael G. Manning, The Lives of Tao by Wesley Chu and Wearing the Cape by Marion G. Harmon. Each of these authors created such a great series, and I have read them many times. Most are self-published, and it showed me that just because you are not traditional published doesn’t mean that you are creating a bad book.

I would like someone to by my e-book and think ‘Wow, I have a story inside and I could write my first novel!’


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