My Book: The Wait!

A couple of weeks ago, I finished my first manuscript, Lake Merrin. Promising myself that I will wait one month before editing it; so fresh eyes. I didn’t know how hard it was until last night, and this is why I am writing to distract myself from going back on my plans.

Over the last two weeks, the things I have done many things to distract myself. Watch series after series on Netflix, reading, going to the movies, friending a lot of people, spending time with friends, commenting on posts and doing anything that is not related to my book.

One of those things was starting planning for my second Bloody Coin, and realising that planning it will not be like my first book. Being one-third in before I even thought of doing any planning, that will not be the same with the second. I have the overall plot, but I had to ask; how does it open? It was a lot simpler with Lake Merrin; it was only my protagonist. Now there are returning characters from the first book, and some new ones. How am I going to fit all these characters? I know my second will be bigger than my first, damn I have fallen into the fantasy trap. Book steadily increase in size.

But my second main plot line involves a criminal group that are all females. Now I have a good reason for it, but I look at it and think am I being sexist? I know I am not, as the reasons for them being who they are is a long journey and will be relieved in the book (I hope). And what cause them to become the ‘bad guys’ girls as it didn’t happen overnight. Then I started to think of a second villainous plot line, with will only effect one main character but will impact the rest. Is it too much having too many subplots? I’m not sure, if it fits and doesn’t distract from the main plot line, then no/maybe. Being vague here so I don’t drop too many hints on my second book, even if I want to. Just too excited!

I look over such a beautiful day and think why am I not editing my book? Breath in and out, in and out. It will happen, I just have to wait




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