3-3×6+2= BODMAS and other problems.

Social media has these particular questions that pop up on my feed now and again. This is not my first draft, the previous one was a lot more insulting, but after a good night sleep, I thought I give it another go.

The first one I would like to tackle is the title of the piece.


 Now looking at this, most will think ‘Hey it is like reading goes left to right’ or they will pick up their phone and plug it into the calculator. This is when I refer you to what you should have learned in Primary School. Yes, Primary School.

BODMAS, this is how you solve this problem. B is for a bracket, O for operation, D is division, M for multiplication, A is addition and finally S for subtraction.

Let us look a look at the problem, where to start. No B or O but there is an M, hmm. So the first thing to tackle is 3×6, I think most of you can work this out.

Now the problem is  3-18+2, what is the next letter do we deal with. Now A or S can be in any order but let us keep to BODMAS, so addition, means that the ‘3’ and the ‘2’ should be added together. Now the problem is simply 5-18=-13, there done.


The next one I like to go over is simple algebra, sometimes I have heard that people complain about this topic are incredible. But it is a bit off point. So the above picture is the usual problem, some have different graphics, but the answer is the same.

Now I have to put into algebraic terms.

Let W be Horse

Let Y be Horseshoe

and Z be Boot.

So now the problem looks like





This is very easy to solve, 3W’s = 30, so 30 divided 3 equals 10. Substitute that into the next equation, 10+4Y=18. This takes a little more effort.

Take 10 from both sides


So you have


Divide 4 on both sides and Y = 2. Now the last one and then the final problem!

2Y-2Z=2; sub in Y=2

4-2Z=2; subtract 4 from each side

-2Z=-2; divide by-2


By this time, you can see how to figure out the last one, so Z =1. We then substitute into the final equation and using BODMAS again, we have 1+10×2=21, that’s that!

There are a few others out there, but I think I have taken up enough of your time. Maths is used every day, and having social media using these mind twisters shows the need to understand even the basic concepts of mathematics. As in the end, you don’t want to look stupid in front of your Facebook or Twitter friends, do you?

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