The question from the movie, Arrival.

Finishing watching the movie, Arrival; again makes me think about the over-arcing theme of the film. I just have to say that I do love the movie, for a science fiction to a great story. The visuals were spectacular, and the music was on point. That isn’t why I am writing this blog; a particular question was asked.

In the movie, a question proposed, and I am paraphrasing. ‘If you comprehend your life from beginning to end, would you change anything?’ Reflecting on this, I do not have a complete answer for you, as I don’t know my whole life. All I can do is to answer to the best of my ability.

First is the understanding of time; time itself does not have a care for seconds, minutes or even millennia. Time is just that; time. There is no direct expression of it, we, humans impose our meaning on to the concept of time. My view of time is like a river delta, with many forks and outlets. All connected to a vast river rushing to this multitude of streams. Contradicting with the previous statement, as time, being linear, I can understand the confusion.

Take your position and move to any point of the river delta and you have a river flowing from behind into a countless amount of forks and outlets, meaning that the standing of the past does not impact the possible and probable futures. In a following blog, I will be going over this idea.

Understanding the cause of the river in its complexity and all the twist and turns of the possible futures. Comprehending this would be a mammoth task. Again the question, if you knew this would you choose the same path? Any indirect or direct decisions would impact the flow of the time river.

I am of two minds about this; I do have certain things in my past that I could live without? On the other hand, I do have important people in my life that open certain paths? My abuse, mental, emotional, physical and sexual at the hands of many different people from my toddlerhood to teenage years. I would be happy to give this up…

But are events, even horrific things like this could I one hundred percent say if I had the power to change it, I would or wouldn’t do it? I have to say, no. Every event has shaped me into me. All the happy times or sad times, the times I just wanted to dance or curl up into a ball. How can I honestly say, I would change it and hope that it would give me a better future, present or past?

I can not, with a clear answer but if I could, how would that impact the people I care about around me. My friends, family, people I have met recently and ones that I will destine to meet? Changing my past would not just effect me but every single person I have ever interacted with. Some of these would be insignificant while others would be like shattering of worlds. How can I be the judge of that? I am no ‘God’, I am just a human.


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