Unexpected Discoveries: The Dreaming, the Phoenix and the Sisters.

The eighth of December will go down as one of my best days. So many things happened, and sights were seen. Reflecting on each event, I don’t think that a single post could express my feelings for the day. The best way to start is at the beginning.

On the seventh of December, I had my last face to face contact for the year with my publisher, Ocean Reeve from Inhouse Publishing. Sometimes it can be overwelling the direction and pace for my book launch next year, while it feels like that I am still moving at a snail pace too. He needed something from me so we could move forward; that was a sketch of my front cover.

The next morning at  5 am, I awoke thinking about my idea for the front cover. I’m no artist, but I knew what the cover should look like. Pass it on to Ocean, I was satisfied. Looking at my Facebook wall, I saw a fellow Southportan author, Livia York was doing a book signing down at a local cafe, called the Bank Cafe. So I wandered down and spoke to her at length, about my contact with bookstores. Enquiring with selling my book instore and possible book launch/signing days. To tell you the truth it’s hard to break into that market. Livia said to me, ‘Don’t let it get to you Sam.’ and she was right. The path of an author is just another trial which will lead to triumph.


After my chat with Livia had to make sure my mother was good for my absence going to the book launch, Dreaming in the Dark. This was going to be my first interaction with people of the speculative genre outside of Gold Coast Novel Writers. As I was travelling up, deciding to do some more editing of my book. Two points going through it, the first one, made me laugh but the other, was me tearing up over an emotional scene. Even thinking about it now gives me, understand the gravitas of that scene and how it affects the characters in my book.

Arriving early into Brisbane, it was time for me to hit up Pulp Fiction Bookstore. Roll the dice and see if they are willing to stock my book. Not to insult the lovely lady behind the desk, as I can not for the life of me remember your name; I call her ‘Janet’. Janet and I had a little banter about, books, authors, them being there for two and half years and me not knowing. When it came to my book being on the shelves, it wasn’t a no or a yes because as Janet said, she was on the bottom of the Pulp fiction food chain. One discovery was an author that I follow has just released a new book, Wesley Chu; if I weren’t going to this launch, I would have so bought it!

So off to Dymocks! No book for me! As I arrive, the sight of all those books and wondering if I should build a house to store all these lovely books. Or is a just a tumble of rooms around a library? One day I will find out, but back to the Blog!

The launch itself was fant-bloody-tasic! Music, by Sarah Calderwood and one of the authors in this anthology Paul Brandon. The song about the ‘Troll’ restaurant owner was so funny! Warning to anyone pissing off a creative person, your exploits will live forever in a form. The lovely host from Dymock’s, a name that escapes me introduced us to Jack Dann. I have a thing about emotion connection with people, Jack like my publisher Ocean Reeve matches my passionate levels. I could feel that he cares about having someone’s vision out there, as it has to be read.

So we have had music, but we have some reading too! Each was an insight into their creative world, I was drawn to some of the stories than to others, Jason Nahrung being one of them. A shout out to all of the authors that came to their launch, Angela Slatter, Janeen Webb, Kim Wilkins, Venero Armanno, Kirstyn McDermott and Kim Westwood.

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So after an encore from the talented Sarah, it was book signing time! Even with my large size, I don’t like to push my way into lines or crowds. So I waited, and the wait was worth it! I had the pleasure meeting each of the authors, even if it was for a brief time. A few of them I mentioned that I was being published next year, and the reaction was formidable! Each of them congratulated me, and wish me the best. This is why I love the written word, the people who might have been doing it for years are still emphatic to any new author. It brings tears to my eyes, with the support of my colleagues. I left Dymock like I was on cloud-9, an enjoyable experience. Thank you.


So back to Central station, thinking my night was over. As I was eating an unhealthy dinner, I spied a huge billboard. One of my fellow authors from Inhouse Publishing, A.Jane! I have heard a lot about this book from Ocean, but seeing a full advertisement, wow! I could never afford this, but it is so great! I will be buying this book, as you need to support your fellow authors!

My day was over, since I started full-time writing I don’t think I have had a day like this before. Meeting all different walks of life from the writing world was beautiful. I am content.


2 thoughts on “Unexpected Discoveries: The Dreaming, the Phoenix and the Sisters.”

  1. Hi Sam,
    I’m glad you received a warm welcome at the launch — it was lovely to meet you, and I appreciate your comments! I often maintain that the best part of embarking on the publishing journey is the friends you make along the way — you seem to be well on your way 🙂 And yes, big shout out to Jack for keeping the fires stoked, and those valuable, passionate book stores like Pulp Fiction, and the supportive booksellers like Nic at Dymocks who looked after us so patiently.
    All the best for your journey, mate!

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