Review on Magician by Raymond E. Feist.

I have brought this book at least five times over the years. Only one was given away to a friend, but most were read to death! This series, the world, the lore, the magic, the characters is what inspires me to create and write my novels. I don’t look at the structure of the written word of said book but how the story moves me. I ask several questions, do I lose time while reading? Is food that important? So on.. Now my review of Magician.

I will start off with the characters. First up I love all of Mr Feist characters! Pug, Tomas, Carline, Arutha, Borric, Lyam, Roland, Jimmy, Aglaranna, Anita, Katala and much more. The one thing I love about the characters of Raymond E. Feist is they all matter to the storyline. Each one has their own arcs and development, even the minor support characters. One, in particular, was a bully of Pug’s, Rulf. Even this very minor character but at the end of the book did some very brave things. He grew as a character and was in a future book as well. This is the genius of Mr Feist, how he cares for and all of the attention he gives to his characters.

There are many main characters of Magician but only two I think are the main cast of the entire series, the Riftwar Saga. That would be Tomas and Pug. Real friends for life, and Mr Feist made you believe that throughout this book. Their adventures in the beginning which set up the major plot for this book, you can feel the awe and wonderment of them as children. They have dreams, desires but did they achieve them? You have to read the book. Choosing which one is my favourite is akin to choosing which is my favourite child. I just love them equally but for different ways.

The story, how can I talk about this without spoiling the whole book? I can’t! The story arcs, development of characters, the ‘villains’, the main characters are all captivating. That is all I am going to say…

If you love fantasy and want to lose a year to reading then pick this up, you will not be disappointed!

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