A new start for 2017, for Mum and Me.

Since I did my video of the slump, I had in December. So many great things have happened. First off, my first book is being sold. Such a great experience!


This is the money for my first sale, my friend and mentor, Ocean Reeve did this for his first sale too. Waking up and seeing that tells me I am a published author!

This blog is to show that not only am I moving forward but my mother is too. We decided last week that we both will go on Lite n’ Easy. Starting this week, breakfast, lunch and dinner will be prepared and delivered by these professionals. There are reasons why we both wanted this, and I will enlighten you, the reader.

First off, it to combat my mother’s severe osteoarthritis. Due to her being nearly immobile it is hard for her to lose weight. Being a chef for 17 years doesn’t teach you to cook small. Some of my meals could feed 10 people, but they taste so good! This doesn’t help the waistline or coping with her chronic illnesses. When she loses weight, it will become easier on her lifestyle, and I just want her to be happy.

With myself, it leaves the pressure of cooking everything, not that I hate it but the closer I come to my book’s release, it makes it abundantly clear that I need more time on my hands. The second reason is weight loss.

I want to lose weight because I want to wear a historical cosplay (from my world and novel) to my book launch. Due to my size, it was difficult to find an option for my costume. If I lose 10 cm off of everywhere, then it becomes much, much easier!

I will be keeping everyone updated with our progress, and maybe a couple of pics of my progress…In a couple of months.


One thought on “A new start for 2017, for Mum and Me.”

  1. Good luck, Sam! I tried Lite ‘n’ Easy, but got too hungry, probably because I was bored at work all day so all I wanted to do was eat. Maybe I should give it another go. Thumbs up to you and your Mum for changing your lifestyle. Looking forward to seeing your cosplay!

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