Review on Battleaxe by Sara Douglass.

If you have read my The Authors that Have Inspired Me: Part One, then you would know how this book came into my life. A book that I hated the sight of became one of my favourite books of all time!

With my reviews, I like to discuss character development and story arcs without major spoilers.

Start off with the characters; they are a little troupe-y, but Ms Douglass flips that right on its head. Prophecy, dic… arrogant hero, damsel in distress, evil half-brother, scary monsters, so on. But what Sara Douglass does is turn these troupe on their collective heads. The Damsel, Faraday is such a great character, starts off as a spoiled naive child-noble and then become formidable! Borneheld, half-brother of not so nice, is human and all that he does, you can’t help relate to him. Finally Axis, he is a dick but is the hero. His growth throughout this book is fantastic. He is in my top twenty favourite characters of all time.

The premise itself can be viewed as a little simple, but that is nothing compared to the brilliantly written book of Sara Douglass. The world is so vast and rich, you can feel different from the capital of Achar, Carlon to frigid waste of Gorkenfort. The imagine religion that was created was amazing, Artor the Ploughman is such a disturbing but great god. As you open the book, you read a prophecy that is the outline of the book but Ms Douglass drip by drip reviews the meaning of this prophesied events.

This is a fantastic book, and I am glad my mother made a mistake and bought me this book.


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