An Account from Carey Park’s Disgraceful Scene.

Last Sunday was my writing and sharing meeting at the Southport Library. It was incredible! We went through a character workshop. Going over how to create a fully fleshed out person in your novel, and how to make them memorable. We introduce each other, and I was amazed by the different creative individuals in this group.

An author talking about a memoir of her weight loss, a writer who is writing a crime book on a famous first female detective in Australia, fellow fantasy storyteller who is creating a fantastic world, a published author and finally another writer who is also writing a memoir.

It is this last writer who rocked our collective worlds. Told us a story about something that she witnessed on Monday night at Carey Park, Southport (only minutes away from my unit, walking). Here is the article from the Gold Coast Bulletin.

A HOMELESS man was allegedly viciously bashed by a group of eight people in Southport yesterday evening.

Witnesses phoned police about 5.30pm to alert them to the incident at Carey Park on Marine Pde, Southport.

Officers arrived to find the man, who has been living on the streets since August, with severe facial injuries and in the care of three witnesses.

Paramedics also attended the incident and treated the man for multiple injuries before taking him to Gold Coast University Hospital.

A middle-aged man who witnessed the alleged bashing described it as “disgraceful” and “horrific” and said his wife was left in tears after witnessing the incident.

Police were last night searching for suspects in the case after viewing footage taken by a witness.”

by Kristy Muir.

I heard this account from the witness, and there are a few facts left out. One is police response, from the initial call to them arriving was 42 minutes. I cannot understand why it took them so long as it would only take a 5-10 minute walk from the Southport Police Station. Because of this, the brave middle-aged couple went down to protect this man from his attackers. Joining them was an intrepid young reporter from the Gold Coast Bulletin, Kristy Muir. Armed with only her camera and gumption, she confronted these men and women who were taking turns, kicking and beating this man and his dog directed by a ring leader. This man’s dog was running back and forth to protect his master but received a severe kicking for its trouble.

When these young hoodlums surrounded all three. Kristy called the police and said she was a reporter and surrounded by these men who attacked the homeless man. Cop cars, police dogs, seven uniformed, two detectives and Paramedics arrived on the scene 5 minutes later.

So the man was saved. Did his attackers, who were still on the scene, were arrested? No. They got away with it, and are now being sort after by police. The witness has not been asked for a statement.

When I heard this account, all I could think, where were the police? Was this not important enough for them? If eight men were bashing me and someone called the police, hopefully, they would help me a little quicker. If it weren’t for these three brave people, this man would be dead. Would people miss him as he was homeless? Should he not get the same treatment as an employed person? Things to think about. If I saw this, I would protect him because that is the right thing to do!

If this did happen to me, I would be overjoyed that this couple care enough to save me.


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