Why I love Writer Meetings.

One of my favourite things to do is either run a meeting or just go to one. With my monthly meetings up and running, and being a part of Gold Coast Writers’ Association, makes me want to reflect on my experiences.

Why do I go to these things? Or even run these writing groups? This can be a simple thing to answer, although I do have some selfish reasons as well. The simple answer is because I love being around over clever artistic people. Just being in the room of authors can be astounding!


On the 18th of February, such a beautiful day. Ocean Reeve did his 10x step marketing program (which you can download for free at his site, just click on his name) and the buzz in the room, wow! During this day I meet eight new authors, and they were fan-bloody-tastic! Just a shout out to Elena P Ornig, Emma Zeta Skinner, Julian St Aubyn Green Jan Muir, Gold Coast Writers’ Association, and Kathrine Doyle. Just have to show my love for my fellow authors!

Each time I go to an adventure like the above pictures, you can see my beaming face as I am brimming with wonder and excitement being around this hive mind of creativity. I wouldn’t be publishing a book if it wasn’t for writing groups. Not much else I can say if you are looking to become an author, check your local area to see if there is any group. Your writing will develop, a thousand-fold as you have that support and creative spirit of other to move you forward.


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