Review of Halfling by Melissa H. North

I had the pleasure to reading this book, way before the masses and I can tell you there will be masses! As the book is not out yet, this will be a spoiler free (as much as I can).

My first impression of this was WOW!! The use of mythology and fae was marvellous! I cannot stress this point, WOW just WOW! Aimed at teens, but I can say you could pick it up and lose yourself in this fast paced, action packed book.

A little about what is a Halfling. In Melissa North’s book, a halfling is a person born of a fae (fairy) and human. The main character is a Halfling, and she is cool. Someone to look up to, as she needs no man to save her! She’ll save the men, and she does a few times (oh, spoiler).

Even if it is targeted for young’uns, the emotional roller-coaster is there. It asked some serious questions, which makes you as the reader think and wonder why certain things happen. Unless you read the book in full, you will never know!

I would wholeheartedly ‘demand’ that you should buy this book. The pace, the story, characters, lore, magic, and even dragons are all excellent. A must read or a perfect present for someone who loves fantasy!

By Samuel Colbran

Here are the links to Melissa H North.

Facebook: Melissa H North-Author

Twitter: @melissanorthauthor


Instagram: Melissa H North Author

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