Daughter of the Empire Review

I can’t tell you how much I love this book, Janny Wurts and Raymond E Feist are one of the reasons I became a writer! I have read this series at least twenty times!

Daughter of the Empire isn’t the only time Mr Feist does a join adventure with an another great author. Let us just dive in, and again I will reviewing the emotional side of the story (at least my emotions while I read it) and some of the plotline.

Daughter is a world-famous novel, many people have put their spins on it, and I will just lump myself into that. Mara is the main character, and the story follows her from a temple maiden to ruler of a great honourable house. Mara touches me so because she is always thinking. She will be knocked down but with have either plans in place or will take the intuitive and come up with something fantastic.

images (11).jpg

I think I have styled my world on the worlds of Feist and Wurts. Politics, racism, gender bias and huge landscapes. From the opening sentence, you live in a world of Kelewan, and the Empire of Tsuranuanni. From the slaves to the bargemen to the dresses and of course the soldiers. As it is set in this country that is a perpetual war, either in the open and most of all behind closed doors. Every character has a deep emotional connection to the reader; it doesn’t matter if it is a slave-boy or the Warlord himself, Janny and Raymond out did themselves for plot and character development.

There are two more books after this, and if anything it expands from such a great start. Each is bringing this strict honour driven society to a more enlighten country. This series is highly recommended, and is of my top all-time series! Just read it!


Please note, each image use is copyrighted to Raymond E Feist.


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