What is happening?

It has been a while since I have written a blog. Some of it was due to the lack of motivation to write one, being distracted by either my writing or groups that I am a part of. Even typing this seems to be a little hollow and passing the buck. Just need to harden the truck up and do some blogs!

I have thought that Thursday will be my blog day, need to do something once a week. If I can’t do that, then why have a blog!

So what has been happening in the world of Samuel Colbran?

First off I now have a paperback of a superhero fantasy anthology which includes Kayla, Briana and Ciro with an addition of the first three chapters of the newly updated Lake Merrin! I have been ecstatic about this. Soon I will have a book in my hands with my name on it. It will be like book-crack for me!

This came about because I was invited to go to Oz Comic Con in Brisbane! Even a few of my author friends are going to have tables as well. They are Melissa H North and Karen Tyrell. It will be the first time I will have met Melissa, it going to be indeed fabulous!

There is one version on Amazon of FableLands: Interrogation, but you can buy off of me, a special edition of the book! Find out more at www.samuelcolbran.com.

My current working on a short story connected to the history of Favinonia (the country Lake Merrin is set in), called Rise of the Green. It delves into the rise of the fictional religion of Favinonia, in where the first saint rose, Saint Mela of the Green.

Saint Mela—the plague-ender; life-giver; and first saint—represents the Green Aspect. People who follow this aspect give thanks to the first saint for bringing the Trinity to Favinonia.

Discovering her story has been a highlight. It will be the first of three, under the title ‘The Trinity’ from the series Tales From Favinonia. There are about twenty stories to be written under this series name, some of the heroes of the past. A few of these stories will be about the political arena of Favinonia. This is mainly to expand the world of Amsul.

So that ends the first of, (fingers crossed) my Thursday blogs. See you next week!


HARDWIRED — The Blog of Blogs

A marvellous insight into what makes us creatives tick. Thank you, Melissa H North for this fantastic blog.


There’s something charming and irresistible about creative people. She may have a quirky nature that lights up your day when you look at her newly finished painting on the easel or he may be the author of an intriguing novel, the words in which, have inspired change in your life. Musicians, writers, painters, scientists and […]

via HARDWIRED — The Blog of Blogs

What defines a writer?

As I approach the release of Lake Merrin, I have to ask ‘Am I going about the right way to becoming a professional writer?’ This question is stupid and pointless as everyone’s path is different and there is no rule (to my knowledge) that this how things are done.

Exposing myself to the community of writers has been one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had, but this can be a double edge sword as I see them doing things that frankly seems to be a       It’s not a waste of time, just not my path. Again I have to ask, what defines a writer?

Is it being published, writing blogs or entering writing competitions? Being active online on social media, telling everyone how fantastic you are? Or being part of a writers group that meets monthly? Could it be quietly by yourself creating and imagining new worlds and stories?

I think all of these define a writer, a creative. There are no labels but why do I feel that somehow I am cheating the system. I have never entered a competition or done articles. I haven’t tried to go down the traditional path of an author, finding an agent, submitting to a publisher. Does this make me less than other who have?

I believe in helping people have the guts to take that first step into a scary but fulfilling life of writing. Seeing people become as passionate in the creative medium and just trying. I don’t want a million dollars, I don’t want a fancy house or car. The only thing that I really want is that my book to be read, by one or many.

As I sit here and try and think of how to finish this blog, this reminds me how much I love writing. In the end, we define who we are, not society, not our peers, not friends or family. If you write, then you are a writer. Simple as that.

The Fortuitous Encounter with Miss Doe by Samuel Colbran.

Several months ago, I did this interview but had to take it down due to Miss Doe’s family. As it was a good interview, I decide to add it again.

A few weeks ago I met the winner of Writers Activation short story competition, Jane Doe. The title of her story is ‘The Quiet Strength of Winter’. Upon meeting her, I had a distinct impression of someone who akin to my history. To quote Miss Doe, ‘You have to own it’, and her story reflects this. As soon as she entered we were swept up talking about everything, all though the interview we were both guilty of moving off on tangents, but we are here for her story.

As The Quiet Strength had some personal reflection in many people’s lives, I had to ask what drove her to write this short story. Jane started to talk about her Bachelor of Communication, and in one of her classes she had to write something real and about a family member. As she went on, the narrative split into two parts, one in the mind of a six-year-old and the other in the mind of the adult dealing with a family event. In both parts, it reflected the abuse she suffered in the past and her now dealing with the abuser as an adult. Writing the first section as the child, made her weep as it brought the memories of these past events. As I can relate to this from the child’s mindset to the adult’s, it is hard to admit that these things happen. She replied that it had inspired her to use it as an example to the other six-year-olds, that they too have a voice, and it is okay to tell people about it. Writing this causes me to tear up. If she does go off to help the young children from this sort of horror, I will support her in any way I can.

Leaving the story aside for a while, I asked her how she became a writer. Five years ago she had a terrible car accident due to a guy looking at the restaurant Hooters, which caused her to become slightly paralysed on her left side and to lose muscle strength. On the same day as the accident of her becoming accepted in the police force, and this accident meant that she would not have the strength to hold a gun. Being a police officer was her dream due to what happened to her as a child. Her counsellor at the time suggested that she should write a journal, and this would help. Jane recounted this in a very shrill voice, but she did write a diary and wrote more and more; three months later it was a crime novel. She then sent it off to Grandfather who is a professor at an Australian University, with a PhD in Creative Writing (so the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree). Receiving it back, and there was more red than black ink, but he said ‘you had found her path, and to go off and do something about it now’. Since that time she has self-published a romance novel, and is currently editing another crime/romance novel aptly named Crimance.

She reflected about the female characters in romance novels; most are of need for that ‘knight in shining armour’ to come and save them. She is creating her Crimance novel, as the main character is strong and driven to find out the perpetrator of said crime. Of course, there is a little sex in it, as it still has a reflection of romance but the ‘man’ doesn’t need to save her main character.

We talk more about her novel and what she was going to do, then we move off that tangent and came back to her interview. I asked about her reaction to the other contestants; she was surprised one that she made the short list and was gobsmacked that she won, remarked that her neighbours might have called the cops because of the ear piercing scream. The excitement was an understatement! Her mother said it wasn’t because the other stories weren’t bad, it was just hers was better.

It was excellent meeting Jane Doe, and finding more about her life and insight into her as an author. One of the lecturers at her university would now like to put her charming piece into the annual book, an anthology of students and staff pieces of literary work. She would again be involved in another competition as she has had so much growth in this one. I am looking forward to her work in the future.

Documentary ’13’ and My Discussion with my Mother.

It is strange that I want to write something about a documentary about the thirteen amendment of the USA constitution. Watching this doco, made me realise the mentality of today’s politics and everyday people, and how it is related to Australia. Being not only of Australian Aboriginal descent, but I am also, English, Scottish and Irish. I don’t see myself as Aboriginal or Caucasian, but an Australian who is proud of all the bloodlines of my family history.

I meant to watch this documentary when it came out but it was only today that I thought why the heck not. It goes back to the Civil War in America and how that lead to the loophole of criminals as slaves. With this part of the amendment, it shows the evolution of the mentality of people of colour. Then looking at how Aboriginals were treated at the same time.

My people fought a war against their invaders, Black Wars of Tasmania which went for twenty-seven years. Six hundred Tasmanian Aborigines lost their life defending their homes, but that could be in the thousands as there was no accurate census of the population at that time. Once eradicated, the survivors moved to Flinders Island in the Bass Strait. More live were lost here, due to the horrible conditions of their forced ‘settlement’. And this doesn’t even stop here, brutality since the First Fleet came here, still shocks me to my core.

Am I proud what happened during these years, and the fact that my family was born from this situation. No, but blaming the past doesn’t help the future. My mum doesn’t see herself as Aboriginal but as an Australian, unlike the rest of her siblings. My mother raised in an Aboriginal community and her white father; my grandfather saw himself as a ‘black fella’ as he was married to one.

Our discussion of this re-imagining of the same ideology of all ethnic people are criminals, and how Australians today view ‘boat people’. My mother recounts her mother, an Aboriginal who brought two Vietnamese children into her home as they were fleeing the outcome of the Vietnam War. She didn’t see them as outsiders, but Family and treated them as such. There are no two buts about it. I too have this idealism when it comes to my friends, once you achieve a certain point I see you as Family, not just friend. As Family doesn’t need a blood relation is about the care and acceptance of that person. My Family is HUGE, blood relations and adopted, all are Family to me.

We need to break out of this hatred of differences, of the past, of assuming stereotypes of people. On Facebook, I had an acquaintance who was a friend to one of my Family. He put up about his belief of ‘boat people’ should be deported, harsher things should happen and that forcing multiculturalism upon us. That if you are not one of us, being white, then go home and that this should be a land for just Australians. Does he just mean white Australians? I was about to turn to him and say “If you think that, you go home as you are not indigenous to Australia. As you are a descendant of a ‘Boat Person’.” As he is a white guy, isn’t he forcing multiculturalism on Aborigines? This is our land, not his but I guess that is different.

In the end, it, like the Michael Jackson song says ‘Black or White’, it doesn’t matter if you are black or white, you are human, and you deserve respect and the right to be heard. Even racist people have the right to be heard because they show us the past. From this, we can learn from our mistakes and, together, forge a new future of a united human race.

A Family…

Sweet, new and awesome!

The organisation that I volunteer for is running a short story and poem competition. I am so excited about doing this! Writers Activation is just a fledgeling non-profit, but has some great authors, writers and poets helping others from the very beginning of their writing to the crusty experienced veteran writers.

The final event where people can come in and the vote for the shortlisted entries will be at on our year anniversary at REaD Cafe.

The Event is called A Winter Evening by the Fireside.


I will be doing this for sure!

History of Rants Part Two

Here is part two of my rant history on Facebook. Looking back on this rant about ranting, I can see I was trying to find an outlet but just didn’t know what. I do know now, and the possibilities are endless.


5th of February 2014

It seems it has circle has turned again, and the rant shall begin! What is a rant? A rant by definition is “speak or shout at length in an angry, impassioned way”, which originated from the Dutch word ranten from the late 16th century. There are five words in German, which mean to rant, four in Spanish and only two in French. Does this make the English language is more efficient than the Germans or does it meant that our rants are just more annoying!?
The word rant was used more in the 1800’s but dropped off in use during the 1900’s. But now it is back on the rise, does this mean that we have become rantier due to the influx of social media or have we more on to becoming more dignified? I wiL lt U 2 Dcide dat 4 urself. i hOp U hav a gr8 dA & fEl d rant!


19th of April 2014

About end of my birthday, I guess a rant is in order. To all who message me on the one particular time of the year. The only time of the year most people would go out of their way and say “happy birthday”. Well done, I feel the love all the way over here! For all those who haven’t, well have a nice day and may all your Karma come your way as you deserve it. But I haven’t ranted about rants. O to rant, such sweet ramblings! Only if rants can go forever and, we would feel justified to the moment! But like all rants no-one care or even likes, but we do it to feel better about oneself but in the end, we are people on their phone/tablet/laptop/desktop who have no life

Merry Easter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

26th of August 2014

Once again the feeling of ranting has pressed upon my weary mind. As in times past, I have to take a point in ranting about ranting and this too will be in the spirit of the past, present, and future. What I love about my pure ranting is, in fact, it does not explain what is going thru my mind at the moment, nor need to go on about my comings and goings.

What I also love about an unbiased rant, is the freedom from said reader to interpreted how they wish it. It is never to clearly pointed out what this rambling is about; only to allow me to for fill the need to describe a need for it, as always it is just a rant.

But again as I feel the need for this jabbering, blubbering, gibberish, wordy excuse for a rant has come to an end. As always your rants or ramblings are neither to the point or need for explanation, as it is only for the author.