First page of Kayla: Genius.

With my three five star reviews, I wanted to give my followers a little treat. The first page or so of Kayla: Genius

ByDebby Dale on July 2, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
This was a great short story. The descriptions weren’t too complex but at the same time they weren’t the usual – I guess unique and intriguing is the best way to explain what I mean. There is a lot of mystery in the pages… At first there was just an unfamiliar captive, but I quickly got sucked into the story and found myself reading faster and faster as I became more invested in their outcome and eagerly sought out what happened next!

on July 6, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition
Great story. Loved the description of Kayla’s powers and the way the tension built, and the use of second person perspective. Looking forward to reading more about Kayla and the other arcs.

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

It has been a long time since I have read a story written in second person, and I will be honest and say that I was initially put off by this. However, it did not take long for the author to have me imaging that I was the main character, fully engaged in the story and anticipating what was to come. An enjoyable short story.

5.0 out of 5 stars Kayla. – very good read.

I found I was reading this book faster and faster. Great short story – held me right to the end. Could this be a prelim to a novel?

5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome little read

Great Short Story, well written and easy to read has you engaged with the character and her fate, the story is mysterious and leaves you wanting to know more.

Goodreads reviewer rated it 5 stars – it was amazing

5/5: Kayla: Genius is one of the most intriguing reads, an excellent combination of simple and complex nuances where one can’t stop reading, I loved it.

I recommend this book to anyone interested in this Genre

5/5:  Loved this! it was intriguing and I am very much look forward to the rest of this series.

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Kayla: Genius, AU Link, CA Link, USLink, UK Link



The black nylon straps feel tight around your petite body. The bonds are tight around your throat, forehead and chest. You are glad that they position the straps just underneath your breasts. It is pointless to struggle. Tight enough for immobility, but not enough to cut off your circulation.

For twenty-one thousand and ninety-four seconds, you have studied the room. The use of counting ensures a calm disposition, allowing the maximum cognition to assess your situation. The walls are soundproof, with no windows, and a poured concrete floor. Not even a two-way mirror like you would see in bad 80’s cop shows. Just a plain laminate table, with an office chair on the opposite side that screams institution, lit by a single overhead light. Mounted on the table are two globes with a wire trailing off like electric entrails. Gnawing on the rubberized mouth plug, you consider the relative freedom of your middle fingers, and the smooth button under each one.

As you analyse the surroundings for the twentieth time, you consider the quantum flow of the room is fixed to four points. The door, the light and the two upper corners adjacent to the door. Hidden cameras are a certainty, it will be considerably harder to conceive of a plan while being watched.

Something about this room makes you curious of their understanding of the FableLands. You feel disconnected from the parallel world of Fablelands where myth and legend run amok. Your Arc Leonardo doesn’t feel fully connected to you. Why can’t you tap into the other place? Was it the Government or one of the Corporations that have been pursuing your group?

For six hours since you regained self-awareness, these thoughts have been percolating in your mind. The full mantle of Leo is unavailable. There is a faint access to some of the Arc, but it feels tenuous at best. Just remember you are the Arc of this Age, embrace that belief.

The infiltration was flawless as it was your brother’s plan. Yet a mistake was made. Someone must have been watching you and your friends planning this task, but who? Unless there is a traitor within your group or your family. Either option seems to be silly.

With a grinding noise, the apparently reinforced door opens. The sound gives it away. Whoever has taken you, they have created a lot of safeguards. They must have a fledgeling understanding of yours and your friends’ powers.

A man in a grey pinstripe suit walks in before the heavy door cycles closed with a resounding boom. From his body language, you can see that there is a self-discipline of all things. Yet a single drop of sweat beading down his cheek does not escape your notice, and this betrays his inner emotional state. Apprehension.

He is a cleanly shaven Caucasian man with an expensive haircut and a scent of rich cologne. As he sits in front of you, in his right hand is a bulging file, which he places on the table in front of him.

“Hope you are comfortable, the restraints have to stay on. For your own protection.”


Sense8 season 2, WOW!!!

Just finished watching season 2 of Sense8, and thank you for the journey that you took us, the viewers, on.  From the diverse cast to the many social issues the show deals with, is what makes it one of my most favourite shows.

The themes of the show are simply down to identity. How this idea can be so simple but in the same regard complicated. Knowing oneself, but what if you are now part of a hive mind, sensate, a cluster, where your thoughts, feelings, and the five senses are shared between seven other people. What is your identity now? Are you John Doe, or now one of eight?

This is an amazing thing the concept of Sense8, but there is much more. Just like regular humans, homo-sensorium, have to deal with sexuality, finance, politics and just being themselves. Some of this reminds me of the story I am currently writing, not eight people connected but a connection to another being and how you can tap into their skills and knowledge. Picture connecting with something beyond your imaginations and they can grant you powers to affect the world and now think it was seven others. What would you do with that information?

In Sense8, another theme is survival, just because you are different, doesn’t mean that you should be mistreated in any way.

I could talk about each of the characters (my favourites are Leto, Nomi, Van Damme, Wolfgang, Will, Riley and Kala) or the storyline (Whispers, you scary mother) but I won’t as I think it needs to experience. It is slow to start but hang in there and have an open mind. Just go watch it!

To pick up Kayla: Genius head to these links,  AU Link, CA Link, US Link, UK Link

For Briana: Knight, just click these links,  AU|CA|US|UK


Why Stranger than Fiction is a must watch for Writers.

Stranger than Fiction written by Zach Helm is one of my most favourite movies of all time, as I write this blog I am watching it as well. I have seen it at least ten times, and every time it inspires me to write and create.


A little bit about the movie, it is about a man Harold Crick (Will Farell) who is a tax auditor who wakes up hearing a voice narrating his life. And in this movie, again not wanting to spoil it, he finds outs something, and this drives the plot along. To understand what is happening he goes to a Literature Professor (Dustin Hoffman) who helps him figure out what is going on. Unless you have seen this movie, I don’t want to go into the whole thing, but it is fantastic.

Why I think this is a must watch, is the blurring of the illusion between the author and your character. We talk about as writers that our characters can surprise us and cause us, the author, to go down a path that we did not plan for. Being a freeform writer over a planner, this is more natural to run on the whims of your characters.

This movie makes me think if my character was real; one he would hate me because I am a huge dick to what is constantly happening to him. But this allows my imagination to go on a tangent as if one of my characters changes their mind and change the direction of the story. Like when he is talking to the unconscious Stinky Pete in the first chapter to him just standing in line thinking of drinking a few ales. It always felt that he did this, I just merely tapped into this reality and words flow.

So Stranger than Fiction shows the complex relationships between the writer and their creations, and at that moment you realise you do not have full control over said characters. All you can do is just enjoy the journey.

Premise and concept of my YA Story.

I have a quote “Remember once you have your dream, write it down!”, This story is where that quote comes from. One day before I went into Writers Activation’s writing drop-in centre, I had a dream, and that dream is going to become a series!

So the thought, most people know that I love fantasy but way before I started reading fantasy, I was reading non-fiction books like about dinosaurs and Greek History, mainly their mythology. I did branch to Norse Mythology as well. Since then I have had a fascination with this subject. In this dream, there were six youngsters, all with powers from the great archetypes of those legends. They still looked the same, but they gain the attributes of said ‘hero’.

When I arrive at the centre, I thought to myself, how did they gain this ability? What is the conflict? If they are hero archetype what are they? And who is the big bad? What drives this story? So on, you the usually questions you ask when you are writing a story. I stop and thought, at the time I was working on Lake Merrin and didn’t want another project, but I had a gut feeling that this was a good story with a compelling character as long as I took the time to fill them out.

So the basic premise of this ‘Story’ (I haven’t even thought of a title yet, so slack!). Six youths empowered with hero-like qualities, which are syphoned from the mirror reality of Mythology. How they gain the powers, was due to an experiment of the Big Bad Company who wish to tap into this infinite source of power and use it for ‘villainous’ deeds (Add evil laugh, mmmmmmwwwwahahhahhahahahaha)

So that is the basic premise, simple isn’t it? So now, let us move it from one dimensional to two. So this proposition says that in the past they gain powers somehow from an evil experiment. Now I ask myself at what age did they learn these skills and how old are they now?  Well I thought, they had to be young before puberty, so between 8 and 12 years old. The now is at least five years putting them at the end of High School. That fleshing it out a little bit more, so I say 1.25 dimensions.

Well, the ‘Big Bad’ is not evil, but greedy. They care about one thing, profit. During the time period, I have selected twenty-five wars was happening around the world. So this BB (short for you named it Big Bad), thought of a solution to profit in these wars. Making bigger guns, larger explosions, etc. is so old school. A scientist came across a pin prick hole into another dimension, was magic and myth come to life. But as always there is a catch, they are incorporeal. They can bond to a physical host if they are worthy but that is hard. So They found a way… Which leads us to the beginning of the story.

I think I have moved this to now, 2D. How can I make it a full three-dimensional story arc? Hmm. When was it set and where? Who are these children? A Little background on them? I think I could do that.

Well, I set it in the early 00’s when I was a teenager (dang I’m old) in Brisbane. Decent size city (for Australia), a range of cultures in the area I am thinking of. So the heroes, six in all, one Chinese-Australian, English Descent, Twins of Maltese Descent, Tongan and a Sudan Refugee. Each has the spark to attract a mythic archetype.

 Now I have fleshed out a bit more information, I think it is time for the first story. This is when the band become friends on the first day of school. Tune in next time for an unknown title of this series. Need to think of a name!

An Account from Carey Park’s Disgraceful Scene.

Last Sunday was my writing and sharing meeting at the Southport Library. It was incredible! We went through a character workshop. Going over how to create a fully fleshed out person in your novel, and how to make them memorable. We introduce each other, and I was amazed by the different creative individuals in this group.

An author talking about a memoir of her weight loss, a writer who is writing a crime book on a famous first female detective in Australia, fellow fantasy storyteller who is creating a fantastic world, a published author and finally another writer who is also writing a memoir.

It is this last writer who rocked our collective worlds. Told us a story about something that she witnessed on Monday night at Carey Park, Southport (only minutes away from my unit, walking). Here is the article from the Gold Coast Bulletin.

A HOMELESS man was allegedly viciously bashed by a group of eight people in Southport yesterday evening.

Witnesses phoned police about 5.30pm to alert them to the incident at Carey Park on Marine Pde, Southport.

Officers arrived to find the man, who has been living on the streets since August, with severe facial injuries and in the care of three witnesses.

Paramedics also attended the incident and treated the man for multiple injuries before taking him to Gold Coast University Hospital.

A middle-aged man who witnessed the alleged bashing described it as “disgraceful” and “horrific” and said his wife was left in tears after witnessing the incident.

Police were last night searching for suspects in the case after viewing footage taken by a witness.”

by Kristy Muir.

I heard this account from the witness, and there are a few facts left out. One is police response, from the initial call to them arriving was 42 minutes. I cannot understand why it took them so long as it would only take a 5-10 minute walk from the Southport Police Station. Because of this, the brave middle-aged couple went down to protect this man from his attackers. Joining them was an intrepid young reporter from the Gold Coast Bulletin, Kristy Muir. Armed with only her camera and gumption, she confronted these men and women who were taking turns, kicking and beating this man and his dog directed by a ring leader. This man’s dog was running back and forth to protect his master but received a severe kicking for its trouble.

When these young hoodlums surrounded all three. Kristy called the police and said she was a reporter and surrounded by these men who attacked the homeless man. Cop cars, police dogs, seven uniformed, two detectives and Paramedics arrived on the scene 5 minutes later.

So the man was saved. Did his attackers, who were still on the scene, were arrested? No. They got away with it, and are now being sort after by police. The witness has not been asked for a statement.

When I heard this account, all I could think, where were the police? Was this not important enough for them? If eight men were bashing me and someone called the police, hopefully, they would help me a little quicker. If it weren’t for these three brave people, this man would be dead. Would people miss him as he was homeless? Should he not get the same treatment as an employed person? Things to think about. If I saw this, I would protect him because that is the right thing to do!

If this did happen to me, I would be overjoyed that this couple care enough to save me.

The Massacre of Magic by Selyaris Muggeridge

I thought I might just put in this short foreword for this little Pseudohistory from my upcoming book, Lake Merrin. This is a mock-document based on the creation of my world of Amsul and main country, Favinonia. If you like to know more just leave a comment. To learn more about Lake Merrin, head to

I, Selyaris Muggeridge in the year of our King 875 FK, is of sound mind wishing to declare is of the truth, within the guidelines of the Blue and of the Trinity and King’s Laws. This following document will be covering the suppression of a part of Favinonian history. It concerns a dark time which brought on the Age of Disbelief; this was the Massacre of Magic.

The evidence of this event, proved by hard-worked research, in a period which spanned nearly one hundred years; little information has been illuminated brought to the light of day. The first clue in Einion in the Western Duchy, also known as ‘Iron’ Dukedom; which housed the first ever Hall, contained in an ancient document was the first recorded job posting, in the year 116 FK.

After translating it to Modern Favinonian, it stated:

To whom seek these treacherous Green skin one which plagues our northern and western borders, a bounty hath been placed upon these creatures. Two silver quoin 2 for an exchange of said sub-humanoids left ear.”

This original document has been verified by several of notable peers 3, where it was proved that it hailed from early first century Favinonia. It indeed was a massive reward for its day, would be equivalent to nearly twenty gold slips today. This information was upheld in the History of Favinonian Halls, where the first was built in the King’s year of 116 to 120 FK, and the registration of the ‘party’ became commonplace.

Another joint event which occurred around the mid 120’s FK was the migration of the ‘Demi’4 humans. Three-quarters of a million dwarves, gnomes and halflings suddenly appeared in the southern Earldom seeking refuge from an unknown entity5. From essential sources 6, this caused an uproar of protest in the more significant human populous of the time. As King Octavio, the sixth, Duke Izo the first and Earl Stratton signed an asylum treaty with the leaders Lady Yumunelyn Plateshield of the Dwarves, Sir Donbik Berrygear of the Gnomes and Lord Drogo Brandybuck of the Halflings.

As the events of the building of the First Halls, registration of the ‘Group of Adventurers’ later to be known as a Charter. The asylum treaty is one of the sparks for the conflagration that would become the Massacre.

The next piece of information obtained from several work orders of a group of dwarves and document about a written protest in the city hall of Kilead7. The work order was made out to be of 12 copper quoin, and the demonstration claimed that if humans were used for this job the cost would have been nearly two gold quoins8. In this written protest, it states that the administration should protect citizen rights and outlaw ‘demi’ human work unless they are used by a human company.

This by two historians noted in (6), was accounted that the only work dwarves, gnomes or halflings could find was to a near serf-like workforce of the humans of the time. Also during this period, evidence of brutality was found against the dwarves, gnomes and halflings. This could be one reason the Massacre of Magic was suppressed in the modern history books as it had reference to this horrid time.

At the same time, another species ‘Green skins’ was documented in decline, as a rough census of 130 FK to 135 FK some ears turned in dropped to nearly two percent9. The figures changed again within another ten years, is contributed by a massive increase of ears. Information held by certain factions in the immigrant’s10 history was a dramatical increase of missing persons from worksites and caravans, mainly of Gnome and Halflings descent. With cross-referencing with the missing person reports, and the growth of ear bounties11. This shows with the conviction that these missing individuals were the product of the increased bounty due to the similar shape of said people ears.

This lead to the Great Demi-Human March of 150 FK, this event is still in the history books, where the immigrants and their human supporters marched on the capital for civil rights, with this new information brings a new light to the Great March. Also explains the tragic loss of life during this protest, nearly two thousand death and over ten thousand injuries were caused during a full-scale riot. As it is fully covered in the history books12, this is just another catalyst for the event to come.

As this was a tragic day in Favinonian History, an event which took years to uncover was the beginning of the Massacre of Magic. In one of the oldest Core was found another job board posting, this happened within a year of the Great March.

This state: A bounty has been a call for all magical creatures in Favinonia. Any who wish to participate in this will not only be rewarded between ten to one thousand gold quoins…’13

King Octavio VI use this advertisement of an improbable job with a huge cash reward to distract the populous from issues coming from the Great March. While Duke Ferron III supported the march, he amended the treaty to include citizenship and protection under the law in his lands for the Dwarves, Gnomes and Halflings.

This was not the first time, the duke and king came to clash on policy.14

This program stayed in effect for nearly forty years. During this period many non-natural creatures hunted and destroyed. In the archives names to represent the brought in ‘monsters’, like the fae, shapeshifters, unbelievable beasts and dragons .15

During this time more and more gnomes and Halflings disappeared, this caused them to move to the ‘Iron’ Dukedom for his protection. Magical beasts were not the only targets, further vanishings of people who can create magic; wizards, clerics, druids and sorcerers were the new targets. These disappearances were acts of hatred not just of greed16.

All that change when an epidemic affected the whole of Favinonia, which would be later known as the Mystic-Pandemic, this seemed to be spread through contact with a person or animal of magical persuasion.

The illness did not care whom it affected, as King Octavio VI and his extended family were struck down. In 192 FK, a cousin was found to assume the mantle of King; he was from a bastard line of a previous King. For Favinoinia to be stable, the primary surviving advisors made him King Octavio VII17, later to be known as the Puppet King.

As his first act, he proclaimed the outlawing of any Magical creature. The wholesale slaughter of arcanists and divine casters was staggering. Later known as The Massacre of Magic. Causing the burning of the main temple in the Favinonia City. Eight years of legal murder and most magic users fled Favinonia, while the rest found refuge in “Iron” Duke lands. Favinonia was on the brink of Civil war.

With an invasion from the south by massive bestial creatures, cause the factions to come together and fight to protect Favinonia. Many Dwarves, Gnomes and Halfling willingly threw themselves into the fight against this unknown enemy18. During this conflict, the Puppet King was assassinated, and the commanding general Otto was of royal bloodline and lead the battle against this foe; was crowned King Otto I.

His first act as King Otto I to try and repair the damage of the Massacre of Magic built a new wing of the University; naming it Mage’s College and removed the law forbidding magic. This college was designed to protect the knowledge and people from the prosecution still in the most rural areas of Favinonia. So ends the History of the Massacre of Magic, and all the events leading up to it.

1 Green skin tiny information was found of this species, but with other documents, they had pointed ears like the Gnome or Halfling

2 The quoin is similar to our slip, but it was a stamp sliver of metal, presumably mixture silver and lead

3 Dr.Solomon Bramble, Professor Constantia Stanhope and Lucinda Gridley of the Blue

4 Demi was a slur on our fellow Favinonian, where the human populous saw Dwarves, Gnomes and Halflings to be inferior and subspecies of human. This was disproved in 423 FK by the famous Gnome researcher Fimago Twiststrip

5 This to this day has been lost in time.

6 Dr Fimago Twiststrip, Gnome Scholar of great renown and Kodduk Battlehelm, historian of the Dwarves

7 A town found on the border of ‘Iron’ Dukedom and Southern Earldom.

8 128 copper quoins to 16 silver quoins to one gold quoin.

9 This was based on the amount of reward given out during these years, nearly two thousand quoins annually to less 400 in 135 FK

10 Dwarves, Gnomes and Halflings

11 ‘The Dark History of Favinoina’ by Dr Fimago Twiststrip

12 ‘The Dark History of Favinoina’ by Dr Fimago Twiststrip, and ‘History of Favinoina’ by Dr Liutgarde Sandyman

13 For the complete job board, look to ‘History of the Halls’ and also ‘Evolving of Favinonia’s parties’.

14 ‘The History of the Iron Dukedom’ by famed historian Radan Polyak.

15 ‘Myths and Legends’ by Selyaris Muggeridge

16 ‘Creation of College of Magi’ by Arch Magmus Thorn

17 ‘Tales of the Puppet King’ by Selyaris Muggeridge

18 With an exhausting search, no physical evidence to find the identities of these creatures.

Vanquish and Write by Samuel Colbran

Searching through the mist of imagination there is a corridor that leads to Land of Lost Dreams, realm of Pub the Lisher.

It seems that the ‘Hero’ needs to find a way to vanquish the dreaded villainous Pub the Lisher. Hero move towards the entrance way, a brief moment pondering the journey ahead.

Hero sees no need for a dramatic well-thought-out scene, as it is just as Hero’s Scribe deems it to be. Wielding the sword of Show and wearing the armour of Ne’er Tell, the Hero enters the corridor of plot holes and come across the Romantic Interest or RI with the Long-Time-Friend or LTF.

RI sees the Hero and moves toward the slowing down plot line, it seems the Hero is taken aback due to the sudden Romantic Interest. The Hero knows that the only way this pause in the action is to rely on Hero’s LTF.

LTF sees the RI approaching the Hero and LTF gestures to the Hero and motions toward the corridor. Hero with a tear clinging to the corner of the eye kisses the RI gently and joins LTF to continue to venture down the hall. RI mournfully look upon the Hero understanding that some paths are left for the Hero to travel alone with a twist (spoiler).

The trail turns toward this mouldy back-room corridor. The Hero sees a group of fiends; Re-Ject-Riters. They see a perfect character in the Hero that their anger rises toward that this well-written protagonist. With Quills in hand, they mass to attack our Hero.

Drawing the Sword of Show, a truth washes over the Re-Ject-Riters, they see the glory of a completed story but are not impressed. Anger and Loathing rise from them in waves, their quills scratching at the paper to undermined the Hero. Blow after blow from these crimson words bombard our Hero, as LTF looks on with a bewildered look of confusion.

Knowing that it would save the Hero, LTF launches at the Re-Ject-Riters to allow the Hero to escape. They cackle at LTF, at the second-rate characterisation and one-dimensional personality. LTF looks back and does what a friend need to do. With a heavy heart knowing this will lead to the death of LTF, Hero squaring shoulders with determination turns to leave. Weeping Hero will always remember Long-Time-Friend.

Hero contemplates the reason for the quest of Pub the Lisher’s defeat, as Hero has lost Friend and Love Interest along the way. Only finding some way to combat this threat, sitting in the Wait ‘Oom. It suddenly occurs to the Hero! A magical companion known as A ‘Gent, a small, weak-looking creature that can find a way past Pub the Lisher’s maze of RE-rites.

Needing the knowledge of where to find A ‘Gents whereabouts, Hero picks up a magical device known as the Net of the Inter, to confer with O-Lord of Oogle.

Oogle knows of many things, will share with a price. The price is high, but the location of A ‘Gents will be revealed. Knowing that Oogle is tricky, look on the following page, and sees the actual information. Taking his leave from Lord Oogle, as the price was his Ne’er Tell Armour, a worthy sacrifice to find A ‘Gent.

Defenceless but hopeful that A ‘Gent will help protect from Pub the Lisher, Hero strides toward the home of ‘Gents…

Will A ‘Gent assist the Hero? Will Pub the Lisher be the end of our Hero’s Story? Find out next time on Being Published.