Review for Bootstrap’s Journey by Chris Johnson

Bootstrap’s Journey is a time travel science fiction book; it is set in 2042 and 2017. The main character is Anthony Nowlan, the inventor of a time travel device.
I love this book, my fantasising with time travel made this book appeal to me. Chris gave a lot of thought to the paradox of moving through time, and the way he presented it in the book was marvellous.
The book itself is quite short, which makes you be whisk away by the narrative. I enjoyed myself reading this book, as I nearly did it one sitting. The characters were well explored, and I hope there might be a sequel in the works.

5 out of 5!


My Short Stories

With my main book, Lake Merrin on hiatus, I wanted to create my YA concept into a continuing short story series, my first two are out, Kayla: Genius, which has five 5 star reviews. Also a recent release Briana: Knight, part two of FableLands, in which we delve more into the mystery of Arcs and the FableLands. With part three, Ciro: Founder written as well with a release around the 25th of July. I started a new series based on my main book of the novelisation of Favinonia.

Last night I began to explore stories that in my creative mind, this one, in particular, is  Rising of the Green, which in my books is one of the aspects of the Trinity, the state religion of Favinonia. A funny story from Supanova I was dressed up as a Paladin of the Orange (another aspect of the Trinity), and I was talking to a fellow boother about my costume. He asked ‘What are you wearing?’


I replied, ‘Oh, I’m in the garb of a Priest of the Orange aspect.’

‘Orange aspect? Is that religion, how long has it been around?’ He asked

At this point I went into creative mode, it is strange when you have created something in your mind, and you explain it as a real concept.

‘Well, the Orange aspect is a part of the whole, The Trinity. Orange represents Protection, Retribution and Passion. It started about 300 years ago, but it was a cult, to begin with..’

I’m not going to go blow for blow in that conversation, but in the end, he thought I was a priest of the Orange. I had to say ‘I am in a costume that is a fake religion in my fantasy world.’

At least one thing, my creation felt real to this guy, so win.

But back to the story that I started writing last night.

‘Rise of the Green’ is about Mara, the first Saint of the Trinity. She is the representing the truth of the aspect of the Green. Which is the Aspect of Agriculture and Life/Death; Toilers of the ground and healers of the sick. Saint Mela the Plague-ender, Life-giver and First-Saint; people who follow this aspect give thanks to the first saint for bringing the Trinity to Favinonia.

This story is about when she became the first saint and the rise of the second, her husband Jara of the Hammer (which will be the second story). I have always wanted to write about her, but I thought it was just going to be some small piece in a forgotten blog, but I can’t do that to Mother-Sister Mara!

So after ‘Rising of the Green: The Trinity’ will be the ‘Mission of The Orange: Trinity’ and finally ‘The Logic of the Blue: The Trinity’. Keep an eye out for these first three of my brand new series, Tales from Favinonia.

Here are some title for the future

The FableLands

Kayla: Genius

Briana: Knight

Ciro: Founder

Sam: Trickster

Jamila: Lover

James: Gentle Giant

Tales of Favinonia

  1. That Little Town: Travellers of the Road
  2. The Possessed: Travellers of the Road
  3. Guild of Thieves: ThiefTakers
  4. The Highwaymen: ThiefTakers
  5. Rising of the Green: The Trinity
  6. Mission of the Orange: The Trinity
  7. The Logic of the Blue: The Trinity
  8. The Gib-Gib Uprising: Crismon Peasants
  9. The Tome: Dark Fire
  10. Jara’s Crusaders: Amordous’ Lair
  11. The Fall of Greywalker Reach
  12. Magi College: Trials
  13. Magi College: Journey
  14. Magi College: Lich


Whole New Earth

Àodàlìyǎ: The New Empire

Àodàlìyǎ: The Dark Streets

Àodàlìyǎ: Skin Walkers

Àodàlìyǎ: Dreamtime

Àodàlìyǎ: Legends of Yesteryear

To pick up Kayla: Genius head to these links,  AU Link, CA Link, US Link, UK Link

For Briana: Knight, just click these links,  AU|CA|US|UK


Online Dating: Knight in Shining Armour or Just plain stupid?

Hello, my dear followers, Facebook likes, and Twitter followers. I am an online dater, sad isn’t it? Well, it is sad because I am so bad at it. I don’t have pictures of cars or jet skis. I don’t send a picture of my penis to a complete stranger, hoping that will impress her. I don’t want to be as the young people talk ‘Down to fornicate’ or DTF. I am a gentleman, who like to open doors for people, and making people feel comfortable and content.

I am the worst at ONLINE DATING!

I have been doing this journey for ten years. I have dated women, but each one had something broken. Not saying that every woman who uses this type of dating is broken, but I go out of my way to only date broken women.

An example, a girl I dated for a while had a wild weekend with an ex and got knocked up, and this fabulous ‘man’ gave her 1500 dollars to have an abortion. Sweet guy. Now she told me 6 hours before my first mathematics exam at university, still I made an overall mark of 82% because I am a smart gentleman. Now you would think, that was it, no more cheating woman? No, you are so wrong! Not only did I emotionally support her, but I was also willing to put my name on the birth certificate, so her bastard child had a father.

Knight in shining armour! I am an idiot.
images (13)

Another story, I dated a girl for a while, and we went well. But, I was supporting my sister and niece because the dad was a drop kick. She broke up with me because I care for my family. Now a year later, she started to date someone, like 5 seconds after the breakup and she invited me to a party, and after everyone had gone to bed, we went for a walk. During this stroll, she said she loved me! She was still with this guy, and he was at her home asleep. That is all kinds of fucked up! Story not over yet. She asked me if they broke up, would I give her another chance? Being the genius dumbarse, I said yes. To cut a long story short, they ended 4 years later, and I asked her out because I promised I would. And she freaked and started dating this guy’s best friend. Would you think she was happy, hell no! She told me again she made a mistake and she loves me.

Moral of the story, don’t be dumb

 Time and time again, I fall for a girl and for some reason they freak out when we start to become serious. So I gave up. Haven’t dated for nearly a year, had more important things to do with me. Being a carer for my Mum and writing my first book. As you could tell I am a sucker for punishment, so I re-activated my dating account. I have no bites. Still, I know I pick up another broken woman, be that guy she needs and once she picks herself up, bye bye Sam.

When the chips are down, rant!

This isn’t a rant, I am amusing myself. I have had a really F’up love life. I mean really. Won’t go into my last one, because I think it was the worst and I had a girl cheat on me, and I was going to be the Daddy for her child. Wow.

So I thought of a new way to amuse myself ask a  series of ridiculous questions on my profile. These are my top ten ‘never to get laid’ questions.

IF you want to talk to me, answer one of these questions.

1. x²+4x+4=0, solve x.
2. Next Prime Number after 19?
3. where does this quote come from “Isn’t it easier to forgive than to hate?”
4. Name of Raymond E Feist 15th book in chronological Reading order?
5. What is your favourite comic book movie?
6. What is the difference between Fae and a Fairy?
7. Why is Anne Rice’s Vampyrs better than Stephenie Meyer’s Vampires?
8. What is the atomic weight of Au?
9. If a train is moving at the speed of light and you throw a ball, is the ball moving faster than the speed of light?
10. Do you think these questions are a waste of your time?

Talk to me if you answered no to number 10.

I like to see if I can pick women up with these? If I do, I am going to laugh my arse off!


Premise and concept of my YA Story.

I have a quote “Remember once you have your dream, write it down!”, This story is where that quote comes from. One day before I went into Writers Activation’s writing drop-in centre, I had a dream, and that dream is going to become a series!

So the thought, most people know that I love fantasy but way before I started reading fantasy, I was reading non-fiction books like about dinosaurs and Greek History, mainly their mythology. I did branch to Norse Mythology as well. Since then I have had a fascination with this subject. In this dream, there were six youngsters, all with powers from the great archetypes of those legends. They still looked the same, but they gain the attributes of said ‘hero’.

When I arrive at the centre, I thought to myself, how did they gain this ability? What is the conflict? If they are hero archetype what are they? And who is the big bad? What drives this story? So on, you the usually questions you ask when you are writing a story. I stop and thought, at the time I was working on Lake Merrin and didn’t want another project, but I had a gut feeling that this was a good story with a compelling character as long as I took the time to fill them out.

So the basic premise of this ‘Story’ (I haven’t even thought of a title yet, so slack!). Six youths empowered with hero-like qualities, which are syphoned from the mirror reality of Mythology. How they gain the powers, was due to an experiment of the Big Bad Company who wish to tap into this infinite source of power and use it for ‘villainous’ deeds (Add evil laugh, mmmmmmwwwwahahhahhahahahaha)

So that is the basic premise, simple isn’t it? So now, let us move it from one dimensional to two. So this proposition says that in the past they gain powers somehow from an evil experiment. Now I ask myself at what age did they learn these skills and how old are they now?  Well I thought, they had to be young before puberty, so between 8 and 12 years old. The now is at least five years putting them at the end of High School. That fleshing it out a little bit more, so I say 1.25 dimensions.

Well, the ‘Big Bad’ is not evil, but greedy. They care about one thing, profit. During the time period, I have selected twenty-five wars was happening around the world. So this BB (short for you named it Big Bad), thought of a solution to profit in these wars. Making bigger guns, larger explosions, etc. is so old school. A scientist came across a pin prick hole into another dimension, was magic and myth come to life. But as always there is a catch, they are incorporeal. They can bond to a physical host if they are worthy but that is hard. So They found a way… Which leads us to the beginning of the story.

I think I have moved this to now, 2D. How can I make it a full three-dimensional story arc? Hmm. When was it set and where? Who are these children? A Little background on them? I think I could do that.

Well, I set it in the early 00’s when I was a teenager (dang I’m old) in Brisbane. Decent size city (for Australia), a range of cultures in the area I am thinking of. So the heroes, six in all, one Chinese-Australian, English Descent, Twins of Maltese Descent, Tongan and a Sudan Refugee. Each has the spark to attract a mythic archetype.

 Now I have fleshed out a bit more information, I think it is time for the first story. This is when the band become friends on the first day of school. Tune in next time for an unknown title of this series. Need to think of a name!

The World of Lake Merrin.

As I am coming up to my first stage of pre-sales, I thought it was time to journey into my creation. Here is a brief description of the world my book is set in.

Lake Merrin is the first book of five, called Journal of an Adventurer. It shall be established in a country which is on the brink of an industrial revolution. The nation is called Favinonia and is home to 100 million people. Dwarves, gnomes, halflings, humans, elves and the half -breeds (mix races between elves and other races) make up this vast sea of individuals. The country itself is about the size of Russia.
It is an Imperial Bureaucratic Society ruled by King Otto Favinon the IX, with a State Religion that controls the law of the land, heart and souls of all it people as well.

The book is set in the Western Duchy, also known as Iron Dukedom. Duke Trahern Isenhart III is the ruler of Iron Dukedom, and his third cousin Count Darel Isenhart is the ruler of Lake Merrin, and it’s county.

Lake Merrin is home to twenty thousand people, and it has the second oldest Adventuring Hall in Favinonia; nearly nine hundred years old.


The Protagonist is a half-human, average guy looking for work and a roof over his head and food on the table. And of course, something happens that could rock the Duchy. As there are Adventurers/heroes everywhere, he has to ask ‘should he stand up to be a hero? And would it matter?’

The Massacre of Magic by Selyaris Muggeridge

I thought I might just put in this short foreword for this little Pseudohistory from my upcoming book, Lake Merrin. This is a mock-document based on the creation of my world of Amsul and main country, Favinonia. If you like to know more just leave a comment. To learn more about Lake Merrin, head to

I, Selyaris Muggeridge in the year of our King 875 FK, is of sound mind wishing to declare is of the truth, within the guidelines of the Blue and of the Trinity and King’s Laws. This following document will be covering the suppression of a part of Favinonian history. It concerns a dark time which brought on the Age of Disbelief; this was the Massacre of Magic.

The evidence of this event, proved by hard-worked research, in a period which spanned nearly one hundred years; little information has been illuminated brought to the light of day. The first clue in Einion in the Western Duchy, also known as ‘Iron’ Dukedom; which housed the first ever Hall, contained in an ancient document was the first recorded job posting, in the year 116 FK.

After translating it to Modern Favinonian, it stated:

To whom seek these treacherous Green skin one which plagues our northern and western borders, a bounty hath been placed upon these creatures. Two silver quoin 2 for an exchange of said sub-humanoids left ear.”

This original document has been verified by several of notable peers 3, where it was proved that it hailed from early first century Favinonia. It indeed was a massive reward for its day, would be equivalent to nearly twenty gold slips today. This information was upheld in the History of Favinonian Halls, where the first was built in the King’s year of 116 to 120 FK, and the registration of the ‘party’ became commonplace.

Another joint event which occurred around the mid 120’s FK was the migration of the ‘Demi’4 humans. Three-quarters of a million dwarves, gnomes and halflings suddenly appeared in the southern Earldom seeking refuge from an unknown entity5. From essential sources 6, this caused an uproar of protest in the more significant human populous of the time. As King Octavio, the sixth, Duke Izo the first and Earl Stratton signed an asylum treaty with the leaders Lady Yumunelyn Plateshield of the Dwarves, Sir Donbik Berrygear of the Gnomes and Lord Drogo Brandybuck of the Halflings.

As the events of the building of the First Halls, registration of the ‘Group of Adventurers’ later to be known as a Charter. The asylum treaty is one of the sparks for the conflagration that would become the Massacre.

The next piece of information obtained from several work orders of a group of dwarves and document about a written protest in the city hall of Kilead7. The work order was made out to be of 12 copper quoin, and the demonstration claimed that if humans were used for this job the cost would have been nearly two gold quoins8. In this written protest, it states that the administration should protect citizen rights and outlaw ‘demi’ human work unless they are used by a human company.

This by two historians noted in (6), was accounted that the only work dwarves, gnomes or halflings could find was to a near serf-like workforce of the humans of the time. Also during this period, evidence of brutality was found against the dwarves, gnomes and halflings. This could be one reason the Massacre of Magic was suppressed in the modern history books as it had reference to this horrid time.

At the same time, another species ‘Green skins’ was documented in decline, as a rough census of 130 FK to 135 FK some ears turned in dropped to nearly two percent9. The figures changed again within another ten years, is contributed by a massive increase of ears. Information held by certain factions in the immigrant’s10 history was a dramatical increase of missing persons from worksites and caravans, mainly of Gnome and Halflings descent. With cross-referencing with the missing person reports, and the growth of ear bounties11. This shows with the conviction that these missing individuals were the product of the increased bounty due to the similar shape of said people ears.

This lead to the Great Demi-Human March of 150 FK, this event is still in the history books, where the immigrants and their human supporters marched on the capital for civil rights, with this new information brings a new light to the Great March. Also explains the tragic loss of life during this protest, nearly two thousand death and over ten thousand injuries were caused during a full-scale riot. As it is fully covered in the history books12, this is just another catalyst for the event to come.

As this was a tragic day in Favinonian History, an event which took years to uncover was the beginning of the Massacre of Magic. In one of the oldest Core was found another job board posting, this happened within a year of the Great March.

This state: A bounty has been a call for all magical creatures in Favinonia. Any who wish to participate in this will not only be rewarded between ten to one thousand gold quoins…’13

King Octavio VI use this advertisement of an improbable job with a huge cash reward to distract the populous from issues coming from the Great March. While Duke Ferron III supported the march, he amended the treaty to include citizenship and protection under the law in his lands for the Dwarves, Gnomes and Halflings.

This was not the first time, the duke and king came to clash on policy.14

This program stayed in effect for nearly forty years. During this period many non-natural creatures hunted and destroyed. In the archives names to represent the brought in ‘monsters’, like the fae, shapeshifters, unbelievable beasts and dragons .15

During this time more and more gnomes and Halflings disappeared, this caused them to move to the ‘Iron’ Dukedom for his protection. Magical beasts were not the only targets, further vanishings of people who can create magic; wizards, clerics, druids and sorcerers were the new targets. These disappearances were acts of hatred not just of greed16.

All that change when an epidemic affected the whole of Favinonia, which would be later known as the Mystic-Pandemic, this seemed to be spread through contact with a person or animal of magical persuasion.

The illness did not care whom it affected, as King Octavio VI and his extended family were struck down. In 192 FK, a cousin was found to assume the mantle of King; he was from a bastard line of a previous King. For Favinoinia to be stable, the primary surviving advisors made him King Octavio VII17, later to be known as the Puppet King.

As his first act, he proclaimed the outlawing of any Magical creature. The wholesale slaughter of arcanists and divine casters was staggering. Later known as The Massacre of Magic. Causing the burning of the main temple in the Favinonia City. Eight years of legal murder and most magic users fled Favinonia, while the rest found refuge in “Iron” Duke lands. Favinonia was on the brink of Civil war.

With an invasion from the south by massive bestial creatures, cause the factions to come together and fight to protect Favinonia. Many Dwarves, Gnomes and Halfling willingly threw themselves into the fight against this unknown enemy18. During this conflict, the Puppet King was assassinated, and the commanding general Otto was of royal bloodline and lead the battle against this foe; was crowned King Otto I.

His first act as King Otto I to try and repair the damage of the Massacre of Magic built a new wing of the University; naming it Mage’s College and removed the law forbidding magic. This college was designed to protect the knowledge and people from the prosecution still in the most rural areas of Favinonia. So ends the History of the Massacre of Magic, and all the events leading up to it.

1 Green skin tiny information was found of this species, but with other documents, they had pointed ears like the Gnome or Halfling

2 The quoin is similar to our slip, but it was a stamp sliver of metal, presumably mixture silver and lead

3 Dr.Solomon Bramble, Professor Constantia Stanhope and Lucinda Gridley of the Blue

4 Demi was a slur on our fellow Favinonian, where the human populous saw Dwarves, Gnomes and Halflings to be inferior and subspecies of human. This was disproved in 423 FK by the famous Gnome researcher Fimago Twiststrip

5 This to this day has been lost in time.

6 Dr Fimago Twiststrip, Gnome Scholar of great renown and Kodduk Battlehelm, historian of the Dwarves

7 A town found on the border of ‘Iron’ Dukedom and Southern Earldom.

8 128 copper quoins to 16 silver quoins to one gold quoin.

9 This was based on the amount of reward given out during these years, nearly two thousand quoins annually to less 400 in 135 FK

10 Dwarves, Gnomes and Halflings

11 ‘The Dark History of Favinoina’ by Dr Fimago Twiststrip

12 ‘The Dark History of Favinoina’ by Dr Fimago Twiststrip, and ‘History of Favinoina’ by Dr Liutgarde Sandyman

13 For the complete job board, look to ‘History of the Halls’ and also ‘Evolving of Favinonia’s parties’.

14 ‘The History of the Iron Dukedom’ by famed historian Radan Polyak.

15 ‘Myths and Legends’ by Selyaris Muggeridge

16 ‘Creation of College of Magi’ by Arch Magmus Thorn

17 ‘Tales of the Puppet King’ by Selyaris Muggeridge

18 With an exhausting search, no physical evidence to find the identities of these creatures.

Future Blogs and what they will cover.

Hello, everyone who follows my blog, something happened to me this week. A discussion on the Islam and its effects on Australian culture. To set the story straight, I have Muslim friends, people I respect a lot. This is not about this topic, as today’s mentality could not honestly cope, nor I couldn’t justify my opinion or feelings properly. These series of blogs will be about culture. That is the Aboriginal culture.

I am currently going through documents of bills passed, acts dealing with the Aboriginal people and how they were treated. I will be drawing upon, history and other means to highlight what happened since 1788 to the present day. I will warn this will be saddening to many people, as it shocks me that this happened and is happening in Australia.

Please stay tune 2017…