The Mythical Moth

I woke to find a moth on my wall, it is beautiful and majestic. As it inspired Melissa H North, I too am inspired to create a story about the humble moth.




While doing some research today for my book and its mythical world, I came across how amazing the humble moth is. When most of us think of a moth, we believe them to be drab brown insects that hide between the fabric of our clothing or flutter obsessively at a glowing light.  We think of moths as the boring cousin to the beautiful butterfly, however, on delving deeper, I found that moths are quite extraordinary creatures.

The Luna moth doesn’t have a mouth and can only live for one week. Its whole purpose of life is to mate.  The Polyphemus moth has eye apertures on its wings to confuse prey looking for a snack. The Hornet Moth looks like, well, a hornet! (But without the sting). And what about the mystical wood nymph; this moth has evolved to look like bird poop in a clever ploy to deter prey.  So the moth…

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Review of Chapter One of Caligation

This is strange to write a review on something like a prologue and first chapter, but it is happening! Brhi Stokes has her book, Caligation coming out in June and for a great bit of marketing she released the first two chapters of her book (well, the prologue and first chapter). I am so blown away by this work of hers, the imagination and vividness of the world Brhi paints with these eight thousand words is amazing.

The set up of this book is quite clear, lonely road and something big happens. This is usually not the formula for a hero’s tale, which again makes it unique. It is set in a supernatural world, and not much needs to be understood about this as the setting is clear and crisp.

In these brief insight into the book, money is dealt with, atmosphere and how is different from this world. I can go on and on about these two chapters, but I just want to read this whole book!

If you like to become wanting for time to speed up and June to come, then this book will ignite that desire.

Head to her website,, her Facebook page, click here or her Twitter account @BrhiSAuthor

Why I love Writer Meetings.

One of my favourite things to do is either run a meeting or just go to one. With my monthly meetings up and running, and being a part of Gold Coast Writers’ Association, makes me want to reflect on my experiences.

Why do I go to these things? Or even run these writing groups? This can be a simple thing to answer, although I do have some selfish reasons as well. The simple answer is because I love being around over clever artistic people. Just being in the room of authors can be astounding!


On the 18th of February, such a beautiful day. Ocean Reeve did his 10x step marketing program (which you can download for free at his site, just click on his name) and the buzz in the room, wow! During this day I meet eight new authors, and they were fan-bloody-tastic! Just a shout out to Elena P Ornig, Emma Zeta Skinner, Julian St Aubyn Green Jan Muir, Gold Coast Writers’ Association, and Kathrine Doyle. Just have to show my love for my fellow authors!

Each time I go to an adventure like the above pictures, you can see my beaming face as I am brimming with wonder and excitement being around this hive mind of creativity. I wouldn’t be publishing a book if it wasn’t for writing groups. Not much else I can say if you are looking to become an author, check your local area to see if there is any group. Your writing will develop, a thousand-fold as you have that support and creative spirit of other to move you forward.

A Brief Insight into My Blog Calendar on 2017.

Hello, beautiful people of internet-land, it is I, Samuel Colbran; Author of the upcoming book, Lake Merrin. My book will be released in April, with a local publishing company Inhouse Publishing and with Kindle. Over the next few months, I will be doing something strange, actually planning my blogs, dun dun daaa! I will be planning to have a blog up every five days, ranging from personal growth to favourite books review to updating my marvellous followers.

Here are some ideas of blogs:

  1. Book Reviews on Magician by Raymond E. Feist, Battleaxe by Sara Douglass,Pawn of Prophecy by David Eddings, Painted Man by Peter V. Brett, Wizard’s First Rule by Terry Goodkind, Dragons of the Autumn Twilight by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman, Assassin’s Apprentice by Robin Hobb, Footnotes by Ben Allmon, Dreaming of the Dark Anthology edited by Jack Dunn, Reflections of Sandra by Michell Heynen and Rise: The Abused Child of the Phoenix by Livia York. Just to name a few
  2. Short Story about Jessica Beatrice Fletcher from Murder She Wrote being a serial killer. In the style of Noir fiction where it is through the eyes of a gumshoe Private Investigator.
  3. First of a year-long investigation and research project on Australian Aboriginals, starting with the laws of the Protection and care of Aboriginals from 1897 to 1947.
  4. Book launch updates
  5. Events I attend like Book launches, workshops, presentations and seminars.
  6. Some more short stories, that I have stumbling around my head
  7. Character Profiles from my Book.

Looking forward to every taste, sound, smell and creativity of 2017! Keep the #passioninspirecreate alive!

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My Book: The Wait!

A couple of weeks ago, I finished my first manuscript, Lake Merrin. Promising myself that I will wait one month before editing it; so fresh eyes. I didn’t know how hard it was until last night, and this is why I am writing to distract myself from going back on my plans.

Over the last two weeks, the things I have done many things to distract myself. Watch series after series on Netflix, reading, going to the movies, friending a lot of people, spending time with friends, commenting on posts and doing anything that is not related to my book.

One of those things was starting planning for my second Bloody Coin, and realising that planning it will not be like my first book. Being one-third in before I even thought of doing any planning, that will not be the same with the second. I have the overall plot, but I had to ask; how does it open? It was a lot simpler with Lake Merrin; it was only my protagonist. Now there are returning characters from the first book, and some new ones. How am I going to fit all these characters? I know my second will be bigger than my first, damn I have fallen into the fantasy trap. Book steadily increase in size.

But my second main plot line involves a criminal group that are all females. Now I have a good reason for it, but I look at it and think am I being sexist? I know I am not, as the reasons for them being who they are is a long journey and will be relieved in the book (I hope). And what cause them to become the ‘bad guys’ girls as it didn’t happen overnight. Then I started to think of a second villainous plot line, with will only effect one main character but will impact the rest. Is it too much having too many subplots? I’m not sure, if it fits and doesn’t distract from the main plot line, then no/maybe. Being vague here so I don’t drop too many hints on my second book, even if I want to. Just too excited!

I look over such a beautiful day and think why am I not editing my book? Breath in and out, in and out. It will happen, I just have to wait



Documentary ’13’ and My Discussion with my Mother.

It is strange that I want to write something about a documentary about the thirteen amendment of the USA constitution. Watching this doco, made me realise the mentality of today’s politics and everyday people, and how it is related to Australia. Being not only of Australian Aboriginal descent, but I am also, English, Scottish and Irish. I don’t see myself as Aboriginal or Caucasian, but an Australian who is proud of all the bloodlines of my family history.

I meant to watch this documentary when it came out but it was only today that I thought why the heck not. It goes back to the Civil War in America and how that lead to the loophole of criminals as slaves. With this part of the amendment, it shows the evolution of the mentality of people of colour. Then looking at how Aboriginals were treated at the same time.

My people fought a war against their invaders, Black Wars of Tasmania which went for twenty-seven years. Six hundred Tasmanian Aborigines lost their life defending their homes, but that could be in the thousands as there was no accurate census of the population at that time. Once eradicated, the survivors moved to Flinders Island in the Bass Strait. More live were lost here, due to the horrible conditions of their forced ‘settlement’. And this doesn’t even stop here, brutality since the First Fleet came here, still shocks me to my core.

Am I proud what happened during these years, and the fact that my family was born from this situation. No, but blaming the past doesn’t help the future. My mum doesn’t see herself as Aboriginal but as an Australian, unlike the rest of her siblings. My mother raised in an Aboriginal community and her white father; my grandfather saw himself as a ‘black fella’ as he was married to one.

Our discussion of this re-imagining of the same ideology of all ethnic people are criminals, and how Australians today view ‘boat people’. My mother recounts her mother, an Aboriginal who brought two Vietnamese children into her home as they were fleeing the outcome of the Vietnam War. She didn’t see them as outsiders, but Family and treated them as such. There are no two buts about it. I too have this idealism when it comes to my friends, once you achieve a certain point I see you as Family, not just friend. As Family doesn’t need a blood relation is about the care and acceptance of that person. My Family is HUGE, blood relations and adopted, all are Family to me.

We need to break out of this hatred of differences, of the past, of assuming stereotypes of people. On Facebook, I had an acquaintance who was a friend to one of my Family. He put up about his belief of ‘boat people’ should be deported, harsher things should happen and that forcing multiculturalism upon us. That if you are not one of us, being white, then go home and that this should be a land for just Australians. Does he just mean white Australians? I was about to turn to him and say “If you think that, you go home as you are not indigenous to Australia. As you are a descendant of a ‘Boat Person’.” As he is a white guy, isn’t he forcing multiculturalism on Aborigines? This is our land, not his but I guess that is different.

In the end, it, like the Michael Jackson song says ‘Black or White’, it doesn’t matter if you are black or white, you are human, and you deserve respect and the right to be heard. Even racist people have the right to be heard because they show us the past. From this, we can learn from our mistakes and, together, forge a new future of a united human race.

A Family…

What I have been up to.

You know what the best thing is? It is writing twenty-five pages  for my novel over two days. I can believe my motivation of late, I do know the source. Last week I had my monthly meeting for writing, and it was the first time for a while that I felt that people were looking down at me. I think that just gave me a kick up the ass and get back on that horse! Doesn’t matter the details as I wrote twenty-five pages! Tomorrow, maybe another ten or twenty, who knows 😀 ! I’m on a roll, thank you person making me feel insignificate!