Reinventing 2019

It is strange to think I am heading into my third year of being a published author, so many plans and thoughts on how I can move forward. This is important to me as it reflects my growth as a writer and author, the first thing to tackle is my blogs.

I have decided this year to write more blogs, but again the abundance of blogs, review sites and other mediums cause me to balk at the realisation that I am a guppy in a grand ocean.

The thing I need to concentrate on is what do I like to write about and how is it different on what I have done before. My interest is beyond the scope of just writing as I love watching a movie, tv shows and anime also have been into the last year of audiobooks. So that is what my blogs will be about my interests and how they impact my creativity.

Movies, Netflix, Audible and Anime is my topics to start this year

Over the next few weeks, I will be talking about the Anime Winter 2019 season, what I am watching on Netflix and Stan and also movies I have watched on top of the books and my own passion projects. These won’t be straight reviews but my thoughts on the shows/movies/books and how their writing/storyline interests me. Later on, I will be expanding it to other blogs/podcasts and Youtube channels to give my own take on their subjects.

Currently, I am watching/listening:
On Audible, Lies Ripped Open: Hellequin Chronicles by Steve Mchugh
Winter 2019 Anime Season; The Rising of Shield Hero, Promised Neverland, That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, Sword Art Online, Hinomaru Sumo and more.
TV Shows: Punisher Season 2, Bull Season 2, Stargate SG1, Robotech, Good Place, Young Justice Season 3 and more
Movies: Glass, How to Train a Dragon 3, Aquaman, Reign of the Supermen, MCU, DCEU, DC Animated Movie Universe and more.

#WIP: Bloody Coin, Book 2 of Journal of an Adventurer; Jamila and James: Ardour, Book 1 of FableLands Fugitive; Rise of the Green and Crusade of the Orange, Book 2 and 3 of Favinonian Tales.


The Plot Snob Review of Stranger Things Season 2

Good evening everyone, this will be the first of many reviews that will be done by the Plot Snob. This week, I would like to go over the exciting series Stranger Things. There will be some spoilers from season one, but I will try and keep down them for season two.

Let us begin…

The thing I do love about this show is the continuity of the plot throughout the season, you are going on a journey with these characters. You sometimes scream at the screen wondering why they are not communicating with each other. This happened regularly in the first season, but there is a dynamic change with the second.

This is the aftermath of the first season of Stranger things, a year has gone by, Will is still be affected by the Upside-down, and his friends are trying to put what happened behind them, except for Mike who wants to see Eleven again.
My favourite character of this season would have to be Dustin, he realises that there is more, and he wants it. The buddying up with Steve was fantastic to see. He has more confidence, but the references to dungeons and dragons was brilliant (and I like the boy’s reaction of the adults dismissing the use of d&d references)


The ‘villain’ of the show was again something from the upside-down, very creepy but I loved the interaction between it and Will.

Like all shows, as the first season gains traction and hype, the screenwriters and directors want to build something there. This can be distracting for the series itself as the norm is to create a cinematic world, like the MCU or DCEU. This can become problematic with how you tell your story. Only one episode this season had that issue, skipping it would not affect the plot of season 2 but is apparent that they are trying to set up season 3.

Overall, I loved the first and now the second and look forward to the third season of Stranger Things. I would highly recommend this show for anyone who likes a little strange.

Sense8 season 2, WOW!!!

Just finished watching season 2 of Sense8, and thank you for the journey that you took us, the viewers, on.  From the diverse cast to the many social issues the show deals with, is what makes it one of my most favourite shows.

The themes of the show are simply down to identity. How this idea can be so simple but in the same regard complicated. Knowing oneself, but what if you are now part of a hive mind, sensate, a cluster, where your thoughts, feelings, and the five senses are shared between seven other people. What is your identity now? Are you John Doe, or now one of eight?

This is an amazing thing the concept of Sense8, but there is much more. Just like regular humans, homo-sensorium, have to deal with sexuality, finance, politics and just being themselves. Some of this reminds me of the story I am currently writing, not eight people connected but a connection to another being and how you can tap into their skills and knowledge. Picture connecting with something beyond your imaginations and they can grant you powers to affect the world and now think it was seven others. What would you do with that information?

In Sense8, another theme is survival, just because you are different, doesn’t mean that you should be mistreated in any way.

I could talk about each of the characters (my favourites are Leto, Nomi, Van Damme, Wolfgang, Will, Riley and Kala) or the storyline (Whispers, you scary mother) but I won’t as I think it needs to experience. It is slow to start but hang in there and have an open mind. Just go watch it!

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