Finally Published!

Last Saturday will go down in history as when Samuel Colbran was published, holidays will be created, songs will be sung and the people will celebrate in the streets about the success of this amazing man.,,,
Or I just published my first book.

I always thought it would have been my Journal of an Adventurer series be the first published but like all would be thoughts, it is not the case. After my pulling Lake Merrin ten days out before the print, there were still things that were planned and needed to happen. One was Supanova.


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Supanova was the best experience from one of the worst mistakes I could ever make. The weekend was fun, but there was a resounding depression that clouded my judgement on these days. I was supposed to be published. Seeing how crap the day was financial to many authors, I dodged a bullet, but I did learn a lot on how to be successful. So win, win.

After ‘Nova, I was depressed, nothing could be said what I should be doing. My book, Lake Merrin just was sitting there, and not much else. Nearly was thinking of quitting being an author. Then something happened!

A fellow author was joining a panel for a local seminar, Writers Block. I thought why the heck not! So I went along, the main chat is how to be traditionally published, which I really don’t care about. No person will ever, ever tell me that my vision needs to change for the marketplace! Suggest, yes, but this is my creative baby, and I will fight tooth and nail to make it live!

Back to the the Block, great speakers learned a great deal. Then Nick Earls hopped up and started to talk. He has a PhD in literary and his thesis was Novellas. He has produced some top notch work, and I thought to myself, that can be done. A short story, those are some ideas I can work with.

Then I talked to Nick, and he opened a Pandora’s box of creativity! I told him about this idea that has been bubbling around in my head. The YA book. Then he said something to me that change my path, why not publish each one separately and then at the end bring them together as a bundle. Oh, my trucking truck! What a brilliant idea!

So I did, sat down, wrote Kayla: Genius in a couple of days, edited it, commissioned an artist, Julia, to do the cover and two weeks later published it on Kindle!

So I am published and will be releasing each of the six parts over the next few months.

Best idea ever!

As an added bonus here is the first paragraph of each book so far.

Kayla: Genius, AU Link, CA Link, US Link, UK Link

The black nylon straps feel tight around your petite body. The bonds are tight around your throat, forehead and chest. You are glad that they position the straps just underneath your breasts. It is pointless to struggle. Tight enough for immobility, but not enough to cut off your circulation.

Briana: Knight, Amazon’s link AU|CA|US|UK

My vessel Briana struggled fiercely against the chains that bound her hands and feet, feeling the metal digging into her skin. She wonders what went wrong? The plan was flawless, so, there must be another hand involved. If she just held our shining sword, she could free herself.

Ciro: Founder

Where do they think I am going? There is no need for restraints. Such a waste of energy. I can see that it is a standard interrogation room without the two-way mirror. If I were designing it, there would be at least two cameras in the corners.



Review of Chapter One of Caligation

This is strange to write a review on something like a prologue and first chapter, but it is happening! Brhi Stokes has her book, Caligation coming out in June and for a great bit of marketing she released the first two chapters of her book (well, the prologue and first chapter). I am so blown away by this work of hers, the imagination and vividness of the world Brhi paints with these eight thousand words is amazing.

The set up of this book is quite clear, lonely road and something big happens. This is usually not the formula for a hero’s tale, which again makes it unique. It is set in a supernatural world, and not much needs to be understood about this as the setting is clear and crisp.

In these brief insight into the book, money is dealt with, atmosphere and how is different from this world. I can go on and on about these two chapters, but I just want to read this whole book!

If you like to become wanting for time to speed up and June to come, then this book will ignite that desire.

Head to her website,, her Facebook page, click here or her Twitter account @BrhiSAuthor

Online Dating: Knight in Shining Armour or Just plain stupid?

Hello, my dear followers, Facebook likes, and Twitter followers. I am an online dater, sad isn’t it? Well, it is sad because I am so bad at it. I don’t have pictures of cars or jet skis. I don’t send a picture of my penis to a complete stranger, hoping that will impress her. I don’t want to be as the young people talk ‘Down to fornicate’ or DTF. I am a gentleman, who like to open doors for people, and making people feel comfortable and content.

I am the worst at ONLINE DATING!

I have been doing this journey for ten years. I have dated women, but each one had something broken. Not saying that every woman who uses this type of dating is broken, but I go out of my way to only date broken women.

An example, a girl I dated for a while had a wild weekend with an ex and got knocked up, and this fabulous ‘man’ gave her 1500 dollars to have an abortion. Sweet guy. Now she told me 6 hours before my first mathematics exam at university, still I made an overall mark of 82% because I am a smart gentleman. Now you would think, that was it, no more cheating woman? No, you are so wrong! Not only did I emotionally support her, but I was also willing to put my name on the birth certificate, so her bastard child had a father.

Knight in shining armour! I am an idiot.
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Another story, I dated a girl for a while, and we went well. But, I was supporting my sister and niece because the dad was a drop kick. She broke up with me because I care for my family. Now a year later, she started to date someone, like 5 seconds after the breakup and she invited me to a party, and after everyone had gone to bed, we went for a walk. During this stroll, she said she loved me! She was still with this guy, and he was at her home asleep. That is all kinds of fucked up! Story not over yet. She asked me if they broke up, would I give her another chance? Being the genius dumbarse, I said yes. To cut a long story short, they ended 4 years later, and I asked her out because I promised I would. And she freaked and started dating this guy’s best friend. Would you think she was happy, hell no! She told me again she made a mistake and she loves me.

Moral of the story, don’t be dumb

 Time and time again, I fall for a girl and for some reason they freak out when we start to become serious. So I gave up. Haven’t dated for nearly a year, had more important things to do with me. Being a carer for my Mum and writing my first book. As you could tell I am a sucker for punishment, so I re-activated my dating account. I have no bites. Still, I know I pick up another broken woman, be that guy she needs and once she picks herself up, bye bye Sam.

When the chips are down, rant!

This isn’t a rant, I am amusing myself. I have had a really F’up love life. I mean really. Won’t go into my last one, because I think it was the worst and I had a girl cheat on me, and I was going to be the Daddy for her child. Wow.

So I thought of a new way to amuse myself ask a  series of ridiculous questions on my profile. These are my top ten ‘never to get laid’ questions.

IF you want to talk to me, answer one of these questions.

1. x²+4x+4=0, solve x.
2. Next Prime Number after 19?
3. where does this quote come from “Isn’t it easier to forgive than to hate?”
4. Name of Raymond E Feist 15th book in chronological Reading order?
5. What is your favourite comic book movie?
6. What is the difference between Fae and a Fairy?
7. Why is Anne Rice’s Vampyrs better than Stephenie Meyer’s Vampires?
8. What is the atomic weight of Au?
9. If a train is moving at the speed of light and you throw a ball, is the ball moving faster than the speed of light?
10. Do you think these questions are a waste of your time?

Talk to me if you answered no to number 10.

I like to see if I can pick women up with these? If I do, I am going to laugh my arse off!


The future for Samuel Colbran- Author

You might have seen that I have delayed my book, it has been hard to realise why, and I have taken a break from a lot of my promotion and creative work, but now it is time to get back on that horse again.

The first five chapters I have up already will be re-written, I found after listening to the recording of these sections that I knew where my MC was but did my reader? The answer was no. I had some brilliant people helping me realise this, but in the end, it was my decision to delay Lake Merrin.

The things I will be concentrating on will be the delivery of the world and story. This seems to be easy, but due to my use of stream of consciousness, the painting of the world can be a little muddled.

Over the next few months, the updated chapters will be released. I will have a secret page for these and only for my subscribers and pre-orders, so they can comment and suggest what should happen. I really want my readers to be involved in my world as they are it’s life’s blood.

Also for everyone else, I will be writing a series of short stories not set in Favinonia. It is the prelude to my young adult series in which there is are two worlds, one real and the other mythical. My six main characters tap into this mythical world and gain an archetype of a hero, and they will manifest from the legends of yesterday and today. It will be set in Brisbane, Queensland (as this was my primary school days).

I am really excited to write these stories and finish off my book. Keep an eye on this page, exciting things are happening!

My hour with the poet and writer Mathew Byfield by Samuel Colbran.

I had known Mathew before he won our Winter competition for his poem ‘Brutally Mild’. This hour with him allowed me to meet and understand what drives and inspires him. We first started off just catching up on things since Writers Activation first year anniversary night, but soon we realised that we had to get serious and do this interview.

I started to ask him the big questions, who are you? What inspired you to write this poem? As I see that Mathew is confident in himself never hesitating in answering any of the questions. He just stated that he goes to church, and loves Jesus and is currently studying at the Queensland Theology College as he is decided to become a Minister. Mathew is married and has one daughter with another due in September. So you can see he is a grounded god fearing family man. As this is only one of his sides and can be seen reflected in his poem.

He related to me why he wrote this poem, as a Queensland boy, Mathew couldn’t relate to snow and ice, but he loved the feel of winter as well as this is the time of snuggles and wrapping you up with your loving family. He recounts one of his favourite things is when he is in bed with his wife and daughter, cuddling just sharing a lovely moment in the chilly morn until it is time for ‘someone’ to rise to start the day. This poem reflects his early morning tip toeing over the cold tiles of his home.

Quote from his poem ‘An adventure of tiles -we put on boots, coats and caps. He reaches small chinks and rends in our armour‘, this gives an understanding he goes through this each winter, this doesn’t detract from his love for this time of the year.

As we both have a background in role playing games, I then followed asking what was his preferred genre, which was not a surprise; fantasy like myself. He recounts reading one of my top fifteenish number ones Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling, and how this story opened the world of fantasy to him also he love the escapism of the fantasy genre. His has attempted over the years to write a fantasy novel, but like most writers time is a factor in this. He did admit that this winning poem was his first piece that he has completed, and it won a competition it shows his talent in the art of the written word. As I asked him why he chose the poem over the short story? He reflected first off was time, being loving husband and father, studying, gaming and his church he didn’t have the time to put into a story; the poem side of contest shone to him as can relate to the coldness of the wintry morning. He kept the piece grounded in reality as he prefers not to be a metaphoric style of writing as he doesn’t envision topics of Death and Winter in that way. I am glad as he would deprive us of such a beautiful poem.

This hour went so fast; we joked about his broken air-conditioner as he reflects his preference of Winter. He admitted that the prize of this competition was not the reason he entered, Mathew submitted his piece because of our friendship, and he wanted to share his passionate work with the organisation that I help run. He was surprised in winning as he found ‘Winter’s Embrace’ to be a moving piece and thought it would have won (it came equal second), and just the entering was enough.

I found the winner Mathew to be a humble man, valuing family and friends over money and notoriety. I am proud that such a man won our poetry contest, again I would like to congratulate Mathew for his winning poem ‘Brutally Mild’ and he looks forward to the next competition that Writers Activation runs.

My Book: Abbey Medieval Festival.

Walking into Abbey took my breath away, the smells of the cooking fires, the sight of many happy people and hugeness of the place. It wasn’t only the re-enactment groups that were in costume there as there were many visitors donning frocks with corsets and tights with tunics to embrace the Festival truly. After the Lord-Herald opening the parade of all the groups, I decided to walk around with no plan so I could take in the sights and smells of this place. The things I saw were people living their period, longbows being made from scratch, food being cooked over great fire pits, tents and other structure created from that dim past brought forth to the present time. As I past Viking Saga, they were talking about the hygiene of their period. With herb-infused oil to rub into their hair and beard to using charcoal to clean their teeth; later on, I bought two cookbooks from this group and was explained due to using charcoal and a little sugar in their diet the Vikings teeth were in good nick. Another thing I found out that pine needles have more vitamin c than citrus fruit; amazing!

After looking for my leg of lamb to eat (which I didn’t find but did find a huge pork knuckle!), I came across the first insight into earth’s history relating to my book’s world history; RIFF, Re-enacting Independently For Fun.IMG_0149.JPG

They explained something I didn’t think too much about when I created my world, armies. Before this time most troops were conscripted by the King calling his Duke to his vassals leading to the peasantry forced into war with little or no experience. The Swiss change all that with a paid standing army, this cause a very different approach to a defensive war. They invaded time and time again, forcing back their enemies but unlike other European nations of that period, they stopped at their border. Due to the pike, halberd and the emerging early guns. Reflecting on my armies in Favinonia that they would be more like this but as I still have Knights and mounted units it could be in their future heading this way. With guns are just rising in this period, the 15th century would be closer to my evolving country. In the picture shows the armour of this period, and also the weapons. Thank you, RIFF for your explanation as it helps to flesh out my future books.

After listening to this lecture, I moved on to the jousting tournament but was distracted by Prima Sparta and Saga Viking (again) showing their skills. I am still amazed by the skill of these Spanish fencers. Then came the Vikings! Playing a traditional sport which seemed like a mix of hockey and rugby (but a bit more violent). The physicality of this game made me want to jump in and play! Looked like so much fun!

Off to the jousting tournament. Again I had the pleasure of seeing Saga, this time demonstrating the shield wall, the fact that this is still used today by our police. Showed the strength of the shield wall but in time immemorial a ‘berserkr‘ or berserker would after consuming mushrooms and mead would charge and pierce the wall. The man who demonstrated this was a solid man, and the wet smack against the wall of shields, he broke through. Seeing this actions would create fear and then demoralising them.

After watching the fantastic jousting, you blink and will miss it! These pictures are just a small understanding on the adrenaline of this spectacle.

With a suggestion of a friend brought me to the market store Here had many books, jewellery and games from this the medieval period. As my interest was to the introduction of guns and how this affected the armies of Europe. I found some treasures within these fantastic and numinous titles; some expanded on what the RIFF group told me while other books took me through the evolution of the cannon and gun.

Still, after all, this I cannot express the joy and excitement I felt in this place. The insight and help all the re-enactment groups did for me and my book, all I can do is thank you. There were much more marvellous things I saw and heard at Abbey, but I could go on forever, and I only spent one day there. What would it be like next year being there for the whole weekend? Fan-bloody-tastic!

Thawing Winter’s Heart by Samuel Colbran

In the deepest depths of Winter,

where the heart lies.

Only with a promise of Spring,

does the frost recline.

Cold and dark.

Forever alone,

Crying out for the anticipation,

Of days to come.

As the sun becomes warmer,

Winter’s frost melts,

from its frigid state.

The passionate warmth,

heats the cockles,

of the slumbering heart.


Ready to live.

But as Spring,

moves through its want,

has risen to excess.

Summer’s heat,

boils away the freshness

of Spring.

At the height of Summer,

the reaping of,

Heart-life begins.

As Summer wanes,

the coolness of Autumn

browns the life from the leaves.

The heart feels,

a great weariness.

The hibernation,

of Winter,

Is upon us once more.

As passions modify,

laughter of the deepest part of

the heart’s life.

Comes to an end.

As the ice and cold,

chills and freeze,

the heart in place.

Only the promise of


will thaw it again.