Finally Published!

Last Saturday will go down in history as when Samuel Colbran was published, holidays will be created, songs will be sung and the people will celebrate in the streets about the success of this amazing man.,,,
Or I just published my first book.

I always thought it would have been my Journal of an Adventurer series be the first published but like all would be thoughts, it is not the case. After my pulling Lake Merrin ten days out before the print, there were still things that were planned and needed to happen. One was Supanova.

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Supanova was the best experience from one of the worst mistakes I could ever make. The weekend was fun, but there was a resounding depression that clouded my judgement on these days. I was supposed to be published. Seeing how crap the day was financial to many authors, I dodged a bullet, but I did learn a lot on how to be successful. So win, win.

After ‘Nova, I was depressed, nothing could be said what I should be doing. My book, Lake Merrin just was sitting there, and not much else. Nearly was thinking of quitting being an author. Then something happened!

A fellow author was joining a panel for a local seminar, Writers Block. I thought why the heck not! So I went along, the main chat is how to be traditionally published, which I really don’t care about. No person will ever, ever tell me that my vision needs to change for the marketplace! Suggest, yes, but this is my creative baby, and I will fight tooth and nail to make it live!

Back to the the Block, great speakers learned a great deal. Then Nick Earl hopped up and started to talk. He has a PhD in literary and his thesis was Novellas. He has produced some top notch work, and I thought to myself, that can be done. A short story, those are some ideas I can work with.

Then I talked to Nick, and he opened a Pandora’s box of creativity! I told him about this idea that has been bubbling around in my head. The YA book. Then he said something to me that change my path, why not publish each one separately and then at the end bring them together as a bundle. Oh, my trucking truck! What a brilliant idea!

So I did, sat down, wrote Kayla: Genius in a couple of days, edited it, commissioned an artist, Julia, to do the cover and two weeks later published it on Kindle!

So I am published and will be releasing each of the six parts over the next few months.

Best idea ever!

As an added bonus here is the first paragraph of each book so far.

Kayla: Genius, AU Link, CA Link, US Link, UK Link

The black nylon straps feel tight around your petite body. The bonds are tight around your throat, forehead and chest. You are glad that they position the straps just underneath your breasts. It is pointless to struggle. Tight enough for immobility, but not enough to cut off your circulation.

Briana: Knight

Briana struggles against her chains, she can feel every link digging into her skin. She wonders to herself what went wrong? The plan was flawless, there must be another hand involved.  If she just had her sword, she could be free.

Ciro: Founder

Where do they think I am going? There is no need for restraints. Such a waste of energy. I can see that it is a standard interrogation room without the two-way mirror. If I were designing it, there would be at least two cameras in the corners.


Premise and concept of my YA Story.

I have a quote “Remember once you have your dream, write it down!”, This story is where that quote comes from. One day before I went into Writers Activation’s writing drop-in centre, I had a dream, and that dream is going to become a series!

So the thought, most people know that I love fantasy but way before I started reading fantasy, I was reading non-fiction books like about dinosaurs and Greek History, mainly their mythology. I did branch to Norse Mythology as well. Since then I have had a fascination with this subject. In this dream, there were six youngsters, all with powers from the great archetypes of those legends. They still looked the same, but they gain the attributes of said ‘hero’.

When I arrive at the centre, I thought to myself, how did they gain this ability? What is the conflict? If they are hero archetype what are they? And who is the big bad? What drives this story? So on, you the usually questions you ask when you are writing a story. I stop and thought, at the time I was working on Lake Merrin and didn’t want another project, but I had a gut feeling that this was a good story with a compelling character as long as I took the time to fill them out.

So the basic premise of this ‘Story’ (I haven’t even thought of a title yet, so slack!). Six youths empowered with hero-like qualities, which are syphoned from the mirror reality of Mythology. How they gain the powers, was due to an experiment of the Big Bad Company who wish to tap into this infinite source of power and use it for ‘villainous’ deeds (Add evil laugh, mmmmmmwwwwahahhahhahahahaha)

So that is the basic premise, simple isn’t it? So now, let us move it from one dimensional to two. So this proposition says that in the past they gain powers somehow from an evil experiment. Now I ask myself at what age did they learn these skills and how old are they now?  Well I thought, they had to be young before puberty, so between 8 and 12 years old. The now is at least five years putting them at the end of High School. That fleshing it out a little bit more, so I say 1.25 dimensions.

Well, the ‘Big Bad’ is not evil, but greedy. They care about one thing, profit. During the time period, I have selected twenty-five wars was happening around the world. So this BB (short for you named it Big Bad), thought of a solution to profit in these wars. Making bigger guns, larger explosions, etc. is so old school. A scientist came across a pin prick hole into another dimension, was magic and myth come to life. But as always there is a catch, they are incorporeal. They can bond to a physical host if they are worthy but that is hard. So They found a way… Which leads us to the beginning of the story.

I think I have moved this to now, 2D. How can I make it a full three-dimensional story arc? Hmm. When was it set and where? Who are these children? A Little background on them? I think I could do that.

Well, I set it in the early 00’s when I was a teenager (dang I’m old) in Brisbane. Decent size city (for Australia), a range of cultures in the area I am thinking of. So the heroes, six in all, one Chinese-Australian, English Descent, Twins of Maltese Descent, Tongan and a Sudan Refugee. Each has the spark to attract a mythic archetype.

 Now I have fleshed out a bit more information, I think it is time for the first story. This is when the band become friends on the first day of school. Tune in next time for an unknown title of this series. Need to think of a name!

The future for Samuel Colbran- Author

You might have seen that I have delayed my book, it has been hard to realise why, and I have taken a break from a lot of my promotion and creative work, but now it is time to get back on that horse again.

The first five chapters I have up already will be re-written, I found after listening to the recording of these sections that I knew where my MC was but did my reader? The answer was no. I had some brilliant people helping me realise this, but in the end, it was my decision to delay Lake Merrin.

The things I will be concentrating on will be the delivery of the world and story. This seems to be easy, but due to my use of stream of consciousness, the painting of the world can be a little muddled.

Over the next few months, the updated chapters will be released. I will have a secret page for these and only for my subscribers and pre-orders, so they can comment and suggest what should happen. I really want my readers to be involved in my world as they are it’s life’s blood.

Also for everyone else, I will be writing a series of short stories not set in Favinonia. It is the prelude to my young adult series in which there is are two worlds, one real and the other mythical. My six main characters tap into this mythical world and gain an archetype of a hero, and they will manifest from the legends of yesterday and today. It will be set in Brisbane, Queensland (as this was my primary school days).

I am really excited to write these stories and finish off my book. Keep an eye on this page, exciting things are happening!

Vanquish and Write by Samuel Colbran

Searching through the mist of imagination there is a corridor that leads to Land of Lost Dreams, realm of Pub the Lisher.

It seems that the ‘Hero’ needs to find a way to vanquish the dreaded villainous Pub the Lisher. Hero move towards the entrance way, a brief moment pondering the journey ahead.

Hero sees no need for a dramatic well-thought-out scene, as it is just as Hero’s Scribe deems it to be. Wielding the sword of Show and wearing the armour of Ne’er Tell, the Hero enters the corridor of plot holes and come across the Romantic Interest or RI with the Long-Time-Friend or LTF.

RI sees the Hero and moves toward the slowing down plot line, it seems the Hero is taken aback due to the sudden Romantic Interest. The Hero knows that the only way this pause in the action is to rely on Hero’s LTF.

LTF sees the RI approaching the Hero and LTF gestures to the Hero and motions toward the corridor. Hero with a tear clinging to the corner of the eye kisses the RI gently and joins LTF to continue to venture down the hall. RI mournfully look upon the Hero understanding that some paths are left for the Hero to travel alone with a twist (spoiler).

The trail turns toward this mouldy back-room corridor. The Hero sees a group of fiends; Re-Ject-Riters. They see a perfect character in the Hero that their anger rises toward that this well-written protagonist. With Quills in hand, they mass to attack our Hero.

Drawing the Sword of Show, a truth washes over the Re-Ject-Riters, they see the glory of a completed story but are not impressed. Anger and Loathing rise from them in waves, their quills scratching at the paper to undermined the Hero. Blow after blow from these crimson words bombard our Hero, as LTF looks on with a bewildered look of confusion.

Knowing that it would save the Hero, LTF launches at the Re-Ject-Riters to allow the Hero to escape. They cackle at LTF, at the second-rate characterisation and one-dimensional personality. LTF looks back and does what a friend need to do. With a heavy heart knowing this will lead to the death of LTF, Hero squaring shoulders with determination turns to leave. Weeping Hero will always remember Long-Time-Friend.

Hero contemplates the reason for the quest of Pub the Lisher’s defeat, as Hero has lost Friend and Love Interest along the way. Only finding some way to combat this threat, sitting in the Wait ‘Oom. It suddenly occurs to the Hero! A magical companion known as A ‘Gent, a small, weak-looking creature that can find a way past Pub the Lisher’s maze of RE-rites.

Needing the knowledge of where to find A ‘Gents whereabouts, Hero picks up a magical device known as the Net of the Inter, to confer with O-Lord of Oogle.

Oogle knows of many things, will share with a price. The price is high, but the location of A ‘Gents will be revealed. Knowing that Oogle is tricky, look on the following page, and sees the actual information. Taking his leave from Lord Oogle, as the price was his Ne’er Tell Armour, a worthy sacrifice to find A ‘Gent.

Defenceless but hopeful that A ‘Gent will help protect from Pub the Lisher, Hero strides toward the home of ‘Gents…

Will A ‘Gent assist the Hero? Will Pub the Lisher be the end of our Hero’s Story? Find out next time on Being Published.

Winter’s Nigh By Samuel Colbran

The North Wind was travelling through the skies, skimming on snowflakes and dusting the mountains. North Wind was jubilant, it saw the world and kissed it with the soul of winter. During its travels, it spied a lonely wanderer moving through the snow. North Wind thought wouldn’t it be fun to talk to the man, become its friend. But how to do it?

Skirting over the valley, it blew past the wanderer. The Traveller hears something “Who is that; I am so cold? It must be my imagination.” he pondered to himself

North Wind marvelled at its new friend; I shall pass him again and speak to him. As it moves back down the rolling hill, the traveller hears a whisper “Why are you so cold?”

As the Wind rushes past bringing more snow, the Traveller grabs his cloak and wraps it around himself “Who is that asking me, why am I cold? It is winter, I am just a lone wanderer who wants to go home and be warm!” He whimpers.

North Wind is confused by this, winter is life to it. It touches all of the world with its icy fingers. It asks again in a raspy voice, rushing past the Traveller “How can I help you be warm?”

The Traveller staggers, dropping to one knee. The chill the Wind blew penetrated his very bones. The Traveller yells at the skies “How can I be warm, with such an icy wind? Leave me be, I need to get home!”

The North Wind is hurt by this strange man. Cold and snow, wind and sleet. These things are what it loves, how can this man not understand?The Wind decides again, if it embraces the man again with its wind, he would be happy. The North Wind cares because he does not know the joy of winter. The cleanliness of the landscape, the stark white of the snow this gives the world its own type of beauty. Each snowflake North Wind births is perfect. If Wind shows him that the delights in a winter storm, the Traveller will appreciate the North Wind.

High up on the mountain, North Wind gathers its snowy children. Clouds plump with sleet and cold. It was sure this would convince that Traveller that winter is the most incredible season. See how it embraces you, penetrates you. You can become part of winter, and be its friend forever.

As the blizzard gathers, the Traveller desperately tries to to find shelter from this horrendous cold. His lips are cracking, his face is flushed. He has started to lose all feeling in his toes and fingers. It was stupid of him to try and travel this day. He screams to North Wind “Leave me be, I only want to..” With that, the cold takes his breath. The Traveller coughs and splutters bringing a wineskin to his lips hoping the brandy inside will warm him again.

The North Wind sees the man clutching at his cloak, stumbling in the snow. It does not understand why the man hates it so. It created this storm, can’t the Traveller see that it is helping him? Maybe It hasn’t sent enough wind and snow, that must be his problem. It asks again “Does this not..” North Wind rushes pass then turns on the Valley slope to finish its question “…please you, Traveller?”

The voice of the Wind chills the very soul of the Wayward Traveller “Who is this on the Wind, asking me whilst I die from this frigid air? I only wish to make it home to my wife and sick child. I have medicine for my son, as he is of need.”He coughs in his cloak takes another swig of brandy “Leave me be! I only want to go home.”

North Wind is bewildered by this Traveller, how can you be angry? See how hard I worked to bring you a perfect storm. North Wind felt hurt by the Traveller, it only wants him to see the wonder and majesty of its passion. Hurt and sad, North Wind cries out “How can I make this man happy?”

Suddenly a strange figure appears and whispers “I might not bring him joy, but I can bring him contentment. All you need to do North Wind is bring more wind and snow.”

The voice is laced with compassion, North Wind knows this Stranger well. If happiness cannot happen, then peace is a better place for the Traveller. North Wind gathers every scrap of cold and ice. With one great rush of exuberance it covers the Traveller in its embrace. “Why have I been forsaken? I just want to go home to my sick child.” the Traveller pleads.

Now a new voice surrounds the man “Do not worry, Traveller. Your child is safe with me.” With that, the Traveller sees a cloaked figure emerging from the snow and wind “If you let go, I can take you to him…Just let go.”

The Traveller staggers and drops, losing all feeling in his arms and legs. His shivers steadily, his teeth chip and crack from his chattering. He reached to the stranger and asks, “Can you bring me home to my child?” Tears drop from his eyes only to freeze on his face. “My son needs this medicine, I need to travel back as quickly as possible. You can help me?”

The North Wind sees this. The Traveller is now pleading to the Stranger. Not understanding how sending more ice and snow will help the Traveller, the Stranger whispers “Just a little more, he nearly wants to come with me. I will make him happy, I have his child that he worries about, and he is safe and happy. Bring more snow and wind, this will make him elated.”

Smiling to itself North Wind gathers one last final blast of winter. The Stranger understands the Traveller, this will make him joyful and he will thank the North Wind bringing him home to his child.

As the last rush of wind comes upon the Traveller, he freezes in his tracks. The Stranger opens his cloak, the Traveller sees his child  playing in the fields and beckons to him. His son is happy but needs his father. With one more step, the Traveller embraces the Stranger.

The North Wind is confused, the Stranger has left, but the Traveller is still here. As It rushes pass, it sees a smile on his face. Content in making the Traveller happy, North Wind continues on its journey to find it’s next friend…