To Rant about Ranting.

It has been a while since I have had a little rant, I do like to rant but only to describe why ranting is so good for the soul. There are times that you come to a point in your life that you want to climb a mountain and scream your frustrations to the world. Unfortunately, that seems to be counterproductive in the public arena of life.

Seven years ago, I started my path on Ranting about the rant, it was very therapeutic as it allows me to write down the feeling of my I rant without the emotional attachments to the rant itself.

Defining Ranting

I have delved into the meaning of the word ‘rant’, how it was derived from ranten which originated from the Dutch word from the late 16th century or the fact there are five words in German, which mean to rant, four in Spanish and only two in French. Does this make the English language is more efficient than the Germans or does it say that our rants are just more annoying!?

Why I do like to rant about ranting without pointing out other ranters and how they choose to spend their time ranting. It’s merely that you can express words on a page without the preconceptions of actual meaning. Reasons and purpose don’t seem as crucial like facts and truth or even falsehoods and lies.

It is good without the drama of knowing the inner thoughts of the subject that no one cares about lacking the sincere conviction of your happy place. So go out there and rant away those meaningless meanings of nothing but everything except for the lack of excitement of brilliance.


Searching for the right voice.

Since I have been listening to audiobooks, I have been wondering how my books would be as audiobooks. From my publisher and many others think my voice would be the best, but I am no voice actor. I want someone who is professional and can bring the level of emotions and nuances to my characters and worlds.

The Brilliant Mr Marsters

I have been picturing for my book, Lake Merrin and the Great Spoon Heist, a pure voice with a bit of sarcasm hinted in his affections. If I really went out of my way, I would choose, James Marsters who did the narration for Jim Butcher’s Harry Dresden Files. I think his voice would be perfect for Lone, but I am a poor indie author, that is a pipe dream.

So that brings me back to the drawing board, who to look for to capture the world of Lake Merrin. Someone who is not afraid to be witty and self-deprecating or throwing out random thoughts. Also needs to have enough range to interpret the other characters. Joan Stillwater, she needs an authoritarian voice but with friends a softness, especially talking to WayWocket.

WayWocket is another issue, his personality needs to have a range that could switch between insane genius to a sociopathic scientist. Gunnar is probably the easiest, he is gruff and sullen with sparks of respect with Joan. Also, he needs a buried hatred to half-breeds like Lone as he is racist as heck.

While my other series, FableLands has a character that is based on one of my role-playing days, James and ‘Jimy’. I don’t think I could let anyone else do his voice but the rest of the cast, wouldn’t have a clue who to cast as their voice actors.

The journey to find the right one is going to be hard, even listening to some sample clips doesn’t show me their scope. If my magical actor can handle this, then he is hired, by luck, it happens to be Mr Marsters, we are all good.

Reinventing 2019

It is strange to think I am heading into my third year of being a published author, so many plans and thoughts on how I can move forward. This is important to me as it reflects my growth as a writer and author, the first thing to tackle is my blogs.

I have decided this year to write more blogs, but again the abundance of blogs, review sites and other mediums cause me to balk at the realisation that I am a guppy in a grand ocean.

The thing I need to concentrate on is what do I like to write about and how is it different on what I have done before. My interest is beyond the scope of just writing as I love watching a movie, tv shows and anime also have been into the last year of audiobooks. So that is what my blogs will be about my interests and how they impact my creativity.

Movies, Netflix, Audible and Anime is my topics to start this year

Over the next few weeks, I will be talking about the Anime Winter 2019 season, what I am watching on Netflix and Stan and also movies I have watched on top of the books and my own passion projects. These won’t be straight reviews but my thoughts on the shows/movies/books and how their writing/storyline interests me. Later on, I will be expanding it to other blogs/podcasts and Youtube channels to give my own take on their subjects.

Currently, I am watching/listening:
On Audible, Lies Ripped Open: Hellequin Chronicles by Steve Mchugh
Winter 2019 Anime Season; The Rising of Shield Hero, Promised Neverland, That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, Sword Art Online, Hinomaru Sumo and more.
TV Shows: Punisher Season 2, Bull Season 2, Stargate SG1, Robotech, Good Place, Young Justice Season 3 and more
Movies: Glass, How to Train a Dragon 3, Aquaman, Reign of the Supermen, MCU, DCEU, DC Animated Movie Universe and more.

#WIP: Bloody Coin, Book 2 of Journal of an Adventurer; Jamila and James: Ardour, Book 1 of FableLands Fugitive; Rise of the Green and Crusade of the Orange, Book 2 and 3 of Favinonian Tales.

Being a Good Man… In a World of Toxicity

With all the toxicity that surrounds today’s life, I have to wonder why it is so hard to be a good man. Where is the empathy for the hurt? Where is the love of the rejected? Why is apathy runs rampant in today’s society? I can’t answer this as it would rub many people the wrong way but when will enough be enough?

I just wrote something up on a series of tweets by Julius Ghost about relating to the women’s experiences today. So I responded with this.

I always have to be aware of my presence could upset women. I’ll give them distance and smile a lot so they can feel safe.
I can’t go up and offer help to accompany a lady down the street with her bags as they will assume that I could be a predator. So I always leave them to finish the walk alone.
Being a good man is hard at this day and age but in the end, it is about the woman’s wellbeing and them feeling safe, and that is what matters.

Part of the reason why I have empathy is I too was a victim of abuse, and I can see fear and apprehension in the eyes of women when I am around as I am 6’2″ with a sturdy build.

I wish the world weren’t like this, I could ignore the feelings of women, like many men with power do but I cannot! This is not right!

These people are our mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmothers and most of all daughters. How can many ignore the pain they are in, as it is evident in every day of their lives.

I try to be a good man, but I also tired of this toxicity of today’s society. We need to feel empathy for one and other; not just turn a blind eye on what is happening.

So I will continue being a good man… in this world of toxicity.

Review of Parts, Pieces and Aspects of a Frozen Mouse By AJ Mouse.

One thing I love about AJ Mouse’s novels was experiencing something that you don’t think is common, but it is surprising how her books have a connection to me/my life that spans beyond what we deem as normal.

I was lucky enough to receive an advance copy of her new book; Parts, Pieces and Aspects of a Frozen Mouse. It picks up from the first book, expanding from Alternatives to a Frozen Mouse. I love this series, and each work allows me to see in my mind’s eye of these ten beautiful people.

Again taking up the pen are Jade and Anne, but we had a bit more of an insight into the others. Peter’s survivor spirit, Ray’s dance parties, Jane’s calm and beautiful soul and Lucy’s understanding of passion and touch.

Miss Mouse gives us much warning when the rabbit-hole could be too profound for some, but I would suggest you read even with this advice to skip as you need to see and feel. Monsters are not hiding under the bed but in plain sight.

I adore this book and the series. My love of these ten people makes my heart sing. The honesty and compassion of this book brought me to tears, laughter, anger and joy.

This again has knocked another big-time fantasy author off my top ten #1 books. This is a must-read for anyone who wants to see the world behind that curtain people fear to open, that monster hides behind normality, and a mental disorder does not mean you are an odd duck.

Exceptional and insightful, 5 out of 5 stars!

You can pre-order at the links below, at her website: or at Ocean Reeve Publishing:

P.S. Thank you for sharing your lives with me, Jade, Anne, Lucy, Peter, Neil, Zen, Jane, Nancy, Ray and of course Mouse.


Mouse and her 9 brothers and sisters.
Mouse and her 9 brothers and sisters. Love you guys!


The Witchhunt of Obesity: What is Average?

This blog is strange for me to write about the stigma of being over-weight but I am tired of this witchhunt. It doesn’t matter where I turn there is an advertisement, article, morning show talking about the next fab diet or sometimes randoms giving me ‘advice’ on my weight.

Am I over-weight? Yes, I am but can the same standard measure me as average John Doe?

Going to the doctors, they weigh me with the BMI calculation:

BMI = Weight ÷ Height²

My result without breaking down more information is 43 (which is extremely obese), the healthy range is 18 to 24.

One thing they don’t tell you, that this is based on an average male of 188 cm, weighing 80 kg and I currently weigh 156 kilograms. So based on this I will die of many dire conditions unless I can remove at least 70 kilograms of ‘fat.’

So the doctors send me to a nutritionist, an exercise physio and put me on a health program, where I have to be active and reduce my daily calories intake to 1000 (As an average person needs 2000).

Aforementioned seems simple, as we are all cut from the same cloth.

So I had used a particular scales that analysis of body composition, using bioelectrical impedance produces estimates of total body water (TBW), fat-free mass (FFM), and fat mass by measuring the resistance of the body as a conductor to a minimal alternating electrical current.  This is the last recorded result using this machine.

  • Weight: 156 kg
  • Fat Percentage: 35.59%
  • Fat Mass: 54kg
  • FFM: 100.8 kg
  • Muscle Mass: 95.5kg
  • TBW: 72.6 KG
  • Bone Mass: 4.9KG
  • BMR (how much Calories you need to consume daily): 3191
  • Visceral fat rate: 22 (13 is good)
  • BMI (machine): 43
  • BMI (Recalculated as my size being the average): 26

So using the same data above with John Doe (as his healthy percentage of fat would be 20%), I would have to lose 35 kg of muscle and 38 kg of fat. I am still overweight, but with most of my mass being muscle, I will never be 80 kg.

So should we be viewing ourselves as John/Jane the average or looking at ourselves as unique and try to understand our own body instead of the average base that society judges us to be?


Staying Strong

There have been a few things happening to me of late, I try to not involve my personal life with my professional life, but since I did my live asking for help, that idea has been thrown out the window.

The thing about me, I am a large guy with a huge heart. I will listen and help the best way I can, as this is my nature. Being a full-time carer for my disabled mother takes up most of my time so when I can write it is my escapism. I love my mum, and I never want to see her in a nursing home but it is hard, and I have to stay strong.

With being on the verge of being homeless with my mother who uses a wheelchair, the writing community has stood up and brought my books, some don’t read fantasy as I won’t just accept handouts.

So all these extra books need to go somewhere, why not give them to charity? Why yes that is a brilliant idea. I have submitted my novels to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation, this foundation sends books to the remote communities in Australia to help improve the reading level of my people, how could I not help.

The other I am becoming involved with Juiced TV, it is run by sick and injured children, just because they are sick doesn’t mean they should be forgotten. This show is broadcast in the hospitals, and Saint Jara of the Hammer might head in and visit.



This made me realise that storing up these emotions was a bad idea. As the old saying goes ‘A burden shared is a burden halved’, I have shared my burden, and I can now deal with life’s punches. Make sure you reach out if you are in trouble and everyone else if you haven’t heard from someone, just ask ‘Are you okay?’

For everyone who has and will help me thank you so much, it means the world to me. Not only for me but my mum.


Links to ILF: Website

Links to Juiced TV: Website